Xenoblade Chronicles X Localization Will Have Both American And British Voice Actors

The Xenoblade Chronicles X localization is going to feature both American and British voice actor, a Nintendo of Europe rep confirmed

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Yi-Long1166d ago

I really just want this game to have the option for the original Japanese voices to be included.

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3-4-51166d ago

The Original has British voices so I appreciate them letting us keep that part of the experience.

Having all British voices makes the game stand apart from others.

If I had played with Japanese Audio before it might be a bigger deal, but the original is British voices so that is "cannon" to me anyways...not the Japanese voices.

Maybay1166d ago

"Good news everyone!"

F0XHOUND1166d ago

Oh no..... does that mean the UK is stuck with awful British voice actors? I find even god awful american is better than British.... I'm British btw!

Gimme original Japanese or just american pls!

eworthington01166d ago

Weird. First time I've seen someone say that. I suppose a different accent is welcome in other countries. British voice acting is well received in america.

Chaosdreams1166d ago

Japanese > American and British voice overs.

I often find that the language that associates with where the creation takes place, is often best suited for when it's being delivered (think movies, video games, anime, so on.)

I can read subtitles just fine.

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JacketsNest1011166d ago

While I agree to a point, a good dub team can do wonders to get the message across cultural lines. Don't let a few bad dubs color your thinking about the quality of NoA dubs of games. They are the best for a reason.

Chaosdreams1165d ago

Very true, there are some amazing dubs. It comes down to preference in the end!

Loadedklip1165d ago

I rather not have to be reading while watching a cut scene.

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