Need for Speed DLC may stretch beyond car packs

Producer hints at 'pretty significant plans' to keep fans playing this year's game longer than ever.

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wantedboys1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

in other words the full game is actually 20% and dlc 80% of the game EA as usual!!!

LackTrue4K1217d ago

Why don't they try and give the game free. And they just sell each car @ a price.

DriveClub ( free Version) lets you use DLC car packs. With out having the full game.

sinjonezp1217d ago

Why can't we have a full game experience as apposed to nickel and dimeing consumers? I understand it's a business but focus on giving us a quality product for 60 dollars. I love how driveclub has evolved and become better, but even then, you have all these events on your screen with little carts next to them, and that's with the full purchase of the game. Some cars just one car is like 3 dollars. Driveclub do provide us with free car downloads too so I won't complain. But ultimately, give us a game. Next thing we will have rims and paint job dlcs. Everything will be charged at a price. Personally if I were a dev I would give consumers a grand experience as apposed to focusing on any DLC until "that" DLC is considerable or warranted.

Nero21421217d ago

coult it be , need for speed PREMIUM ?! xd

subtenko1217d ago

well if we start calling them out on it early, we can get answers or make the game better...

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