Shane Kim Talks 360, PS3, Windows & Much More

In this exclusive interview with Shane Kim (conducted at E3), the Microsoft Game Studios GM says that Sony is under a lot of pressure and will face some big manufacturing challenges. He also discusses the 360 and Windows games portfolio, HD-DVD, Live Anywhere, Bill Gates at E3, among other topics. Dig in and enjoy!

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OutLaw5820d ago

But two things I'm confused on. 1) I want to know how is there going to be a 160 HI DEF games by the end of the year. Even if you add whats out I don't think there that many. 2). He brings up GTA IV like it is an exclusive title. I thought that it was coming out for both The 360 and PS3. If I'm wrong than my bad.

Gh0stDrag0n5820d ago

There will be exclusive content through XBOX LIVE for GTA IV.

USMChardcharger5820d ago

and when you hear M$ say that the 360 is the only place you can play will notice that he is talking about a combination of games.
he will say something like this:
360 is the only place you can play mass effect, bio shock, fear, and GTA.

if you where to get a PS3, you could play GTA but not the other games too...understand?

Jay da 2KBalla5820d ago (Edited 5820d ago )

Good expanantion USM. And arcaed titles are in 720p and when you add in new games and new arcade titles than yea 160 sounds about right by the end of the year when added all up.

clayton5820d ago

It is coming to both platforms, but you have to pay $600 to play it on the PS3. I'm sure those games include the XBox Live Arcade games as well.

MoonDust5820d ago

It just means we will get downloads people on the ps3 won't get.


yeah, like levels and characters which totally enhance the game. the new ones for oblivion are awesome!


OutLaw5820d ago

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

shotty5820d ago

I think its 160 games with the arcade titles.

FamoAmo5820d ago

Yup your right the arcade games are included!! Even though fall and winter 06 hella 360 games drop but not 160 so arcade is included!

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