Rare Replay's Nintendo 64 games run at 1080p

Digital Foundry:

"30 games from one of the world's most celebrated developers packed into a collection for just £19.99 - Rare Replay represents remarkable value, with a range of titles spanning early Spectrum hits such as Jetpac and Sabrewulf to modern releases such as Perfect Dark Zero and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. One of the key selling points of the package is the inclusion of the majority of Rare's N64 line-up, with the likes of Blast Corps and Jet Force Gemini available on console for the first time since their launch in 1997. But the big takeaway is this: Rare has delivered each and every one of its N64 offerings at full 1080p resolution, though overall results are a little mixed."

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FallenAngel19842786d ago

Does the up scaling provide that big a difference

Sureshot2785d ago

No. Classic games are classic.

nowitzki20042785d ago

I disagree. I upscale games using emulators and it makes a huge difference, unless my eyes lie to me.

Captain_TomAN942785d ago

It's not up-scaling, it's being rendered at a higher resolution. Very big difference.

Shineon2785d ago

If it made a difference on PC I don't see how it wouldn't on Xbox

brich2332785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Yes it makes a huge difference, it would be real hard to play at its original resoultion which is 320×240 or something like that. If you stretch that resolution to fit a 1080p screen it would look really bad, there will be jaggies everywhere, blurriness. And not just for this game, but for any.

Check this

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Sureshot2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Whats ironic is that back in the good ol'days nobody gave a shit about resolution/framerate blah blah.

It was an innocent industry then :(

nowitzki20042785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I didnt care loved my SNES classics and the way they looked worked for them, but I always remember thinking/wishing for games to look better and they look better today than I ever imagined they would.

MasterCornholio2785d ago

It started last gen with Lens of Truths and Eurogamers technical analysis.

This is something your going to have to live with from this point onwards.

nowitzki20042785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I agree. Gamers have been spoiled, now we want more than we used to. I know graphics dont matter much to me, but its 2015 and I have played plenty of games that have had amazing graphics and fun/great gameplay to go with that. So now theres certain expectations we have for games that in the past we didnt have.

AAA titles like MGSV, Arkham Knight, etc should have amazing visuals with gameplay to go with that. Games/developers that deserve a pass are indies. All of these companies used to be indie its just that if you look at any major AAA devlopers today and look at the era when they were "indie". A game like Limbo would have been one of the top games of those gens where some games even AAA that were huge then would not be looked at the same had they been released today.. It was much easier for an indie dev back then to make a great game then it is today, but the indie devs today manage to hold their own, and the future of gaming looks to be great.

FlexLuger2785d ago

So true..but we did moan about some other things. polygon clipping, terrible draw distance and terrible AMV cutscenes.

I always said I would be happy for the day when those things were no longer an issue and I stuck to that. Generally speaking im happy with the way games look on consoles. even wiiu games look good to me. Splatoon and R&C over there looking like CG cartoons. our driving games have gotten to the point where we argue about rain drops. open world games have gotten to the point where we complain about them taking up so much of our time. We never had it so good, if you really think about it

Nerdmaster2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

You're using the "everything was better in the past" lens. I'm sorry to tell you that people did care and argued about the technical side of games in the past. If you don't remember gamers arguing that SNES had more colors and better sound than Genesis while Genesis had faster games with its "blast processing", or that Gameboy had better battery life while Game Gear had better graphics, or that fighting games on PSOne had less animation frames than Saturn versions but handled better 3D, or that N64 had better resolution than PSOne but worse textures, etc., than it means that either you didn't know many gamers or you're too young to remember.

Even looking at the professional side, magazines compared perfomance and graphics on multiplatform games, talked about how many megabytes the game used, criticized low resolution videos, talked about slowdowns...

They just didn't make this kind of analysis for one simple reason: they didn't have the technology (or at least an affordable one) to do it then.

In other words, game was never just about "it's a good game and it's all I need to know". It was only true for the very young gamers. The older ones always considered the tech side of them. And guess what: it still holds true to this day. Young gamers just want to have fun, while older gamers continue to analyze the tech side, like they always did.

bleedsoe9mm2785d ago

yup its like they have to hook a game up to a machine to get its stats before they decide if its worth playing or god forbid fun !

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DragonbornZ2785d ago

Never played Rares games before now. They're really damn fun. I haven't laugh at a game like I do with Conker in a while.

nowitzki20042785d ago

WHAT?? *Jaw drops to the floor*

Rare is the reason I fell in love with gaming. My first console was an SNES I got as a bday present and it came bundled with Donkey Kong Country (favorite game of all time). I used to think Rare was like a badge games that are really great get lol.

lipton1012785d ago

Man... This makes me want an Xbox One... I'd buy it exclusively for Conker

XanderZane2785d ago

I started playing RARE Replay's older games like Sabre Wulf, Atic Atac, Cobra Triangle, RC Pro-Am and more and many of these games are still fun in small doses. Even simple games like Slalom and JetPac still have their fun moments and times of frustration trying to accomplish a goal. I haven't gotten into the MEAT of the best titles yet though. I'm still eager to play through Banjo and Kazooie, Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Conker and the Viva Pinata games. This is a great package.

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