Phil Spencer is obliterating the distinction between Xbox and PC


"The pieces are still in play, but as we watch them moving around the board, the strategy becomes clear: Microsoft no longer sees a distinction between gaming on Xbox One and Windows PC. And it doesn't want you to see one, either."

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fr0sty1167d ago

This is what I said that they should have done long ago. Like Valve attempted to do with the Steam machine, make Xbox and PC cross compatible. Then the install base isn't just the consoles, but millions of PCs as well, which makes devs happy, and the games are hardware scalable, which makes gamers happy. It's a win-win.

dcbronco1165d ago

But this is exactly what they have been working on for years. Steve Ballmer started this and Windows 10 is the result. Code once across all platforms was a Ballmer thing that people are giving Nadella credit for. Just shows what a scam the market is actually. Nothing really changed in Microsoft policy but the stock price nearly doubled because they think one guy makes them feel good.

medman1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

This "plan" to me ends with Microsoft exiting the console manufacturing business and going completely software focused in the future. Which means quite frankly that their titles could end up on all types of hardware, even Sony and Nintendo. Because if there is going to be little differentiation, and many xbox one titles will be made available for the pc market, what is the point of producing a console and associated hardware/peripherals at exorbitant manufacturing and r&d costs?

Mrveryodd1166d ago

Maybe a lot of people can't afford a $1500 Pc , that's a good reason right there.
Or thay could be like me , I have a laptop wich is fine for everything but gaming.

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maniacmayhem1167d ago

Getting what? What is he getting? The suspense is killing me!

DJustinUNCHAIND1167d ago

...up for his morning cup of coffee!

Grap1167d ago

STARTED... if that's will make you sleep better.

Spectre_StatusN71167d ago

So basically I'm fine with the PC I have now and don't need a Xbox One?

_-EDMIX-_1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Likely. They did hint at Gears 4 even coming to PC, looks like Phil wants PC to have MS's XONE titles. Good plan. Even if you don't buy an XONE, you'll end up on PC maybe buying one of their titles, so they are still getting paid vs you never buying the system thus not getting the game.

Sorta a win win

"When we say 'putting gamers at the center,' that's different than putting a piece of plastic or a specific device at the center."

So its starting to sound like they don't want to keep making XONE exclusives to sell the box and just make games on both and focus on content on both XONE and PC.

Its what many of us for a while now have been stating regarding their PC support.

Good idea.

1167d ago
_-EDMIX-_1167d ago

@Dragon- who said I didn't? The reality is, they are focusing on PC and XONE with software rather then

"putting a piece of plastic or a specific device at the center"

You techically can steal and hack really any console, the reality is, PC software makes them money, even if some steal, that doesn't just negate them making PC titles.

Did they not have folks modding 360s? That is like saying...don't make console games bro, they mod them. lol

They still must make money and making games on PC clearly is something they are seeking to do, they can't just be only on a "piece of plastic". That didn't help them last gen or the gen prior.

They are looking to BANK this gen on software sales from console and PC and XONE hardware too.

Sounds like a good plan.

I say pirates are on PC as if they don't exist anywhere else lol, as if MS doesn't know that...I mean....yet they are actually they have more plans for XONE titles coming to PC.

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BG115791167d ago

But can't this be interpreted as MS dropping the Xbox as brand for consoles and little by little replace it for a PC brand?

joeorc1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

This is not really dropping the Xbox, what its really doing is and quite clear is treating the Xbox One as just another Windows 10 device!

This was how it was always going to end up being, Microsoft's Goal is not really about the game console market and promoting it, its about promotion of the windows OS ie: Microsoft's eco system and making sure it stays the center of the compute world and to make sure DirectX keeps developers and publishers as in like they already do ,tied to in the PC market to make sure the very same thing happens in the living room console space.

It's not about the console space its about making sure Windows stays not just thedefacto OS for gaming for PC..but the game console market as well.

freshslicepizza1167d ago

it's not about dropping the xbox brand, it's about expanding window services. just because apple does well on the iphone doesn't mean they will drop the ipad and computers/laptops.

it's about expanding your ecosystem. playstation now by sony is also attempting this route. it takes a whole lot of money to research and develop a game console and the money isn't made off of the hardware. nintendo also partnered itself with DeNA as they too look at the future.

Ristul1167d ago

I like this direction towards PC gaming, bring it Microsoft!

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