9 Computer Games that Ruined My Childhood

Paste: Remember those moments in your childhood when you began to realize life wasn’t all sunshine and puppy dogs? Maybe it was when you first fell off a bike, you failed your first quiz or you couldn’t get anyone in your family to build a robot out of old shoeboxes with you so you ran away from home (okay, that last one may just be me). If you were lucky enough to have a cushy, parental-controlled childhood like me, it was little things that made you become a little less naïve; often, you were the one choosing the things that made you less innocent. I believe it was my choice in computer games that shaped the course of my childhood, or maybe even effectively ended it. From children’s games about ponies to videogame versions of prime-time soap operas, these are the PC games that ruined my childhood. Maybe they ruined yours too.

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