Vancouver Gamer Quits University and Shares $6.6 Million Prize at Dota 2 Championship

Twenty-two-year-old Kurtis Ling from Vancouver and his team called the “Evil Geniuses” earned themselves a massive payday after winning a video game championship in Seattle.

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generalwinter1191d ago

Gaming for a living? Now that's living the dream!

MRBIGCAT1191d ago

It isn't easy getting into a school like UBC. To walk away from it for gaming, balzy. But clearly paid off. I think he can move out of his parents basement now.

Sureshot1190d ago

Lol as a kid my dream job was to be a play tester!

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1191d ago

Go Canada Go. And with US Dollar exchange rate you can add about another 30% or so when converted to Cdn Dollars.

jmc88881191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Good for him, except money doesn't last forever, an education would.

People forget money is an illusion, and is being debased every day. He could wake up tomorrow and his money could be bailed in to save a failing banks derivatives bet. Almost all banks around the world are completely and utterly insolvent.

Or the currency has been changed, or some hacker zeroed his account.

Are any of these likely? Aside from his bank going under or him being bailed in, the likelihood wouldn't be high, but the 2nd leg of the economic collapse is coming, and all bets are off.

What he can do now, is exchange some of this stuff for things he can physically, land, resources, gold, silver, food, etc, etc.

An interesting stat also for the pitfalls of money even beyond any of this... did you know that something close to 90 percent of NFL players are broke within a few years after they retire?

...and of course he could have an accountant that runs off with his money or simply mismanages it. 'He told me to put it in the stock market....' hahaha.

Either way he's going to get robbed if he pays the bubble prices of a BC home.

Good luck young man, you may have money for now, but you still are likely to need the luck.

iceman061190d ago

The good thing here is that this guy is still very young. As long as he doesn't go all crazy high profile and extravagant with purchases, he should have a nice bit of money to rely on. That means he can't go out a buy 12 sports cars and a 8 room house with 13 bathrooms! LOL He just needs to live a relatively normal lifestyle.
There are plenty of low risk investments that could net him a return on his money and keep it safe enough for him to rely on.
Finally, this is a dream that probably has a short life span. Nobody knows what eSports will do and where it will go in the next 5-10 years. College, on the other hand, doesn't have an expiration date. He seems intelligent enough that he could always go back and finish if needed. If he truly didn't have a goal of what he was doing with his degree or what he wanted to study (which I have no idea if he did), this break might be what he needs to get focused on his future and where he can best focus his efforts.

savaroth1190d ago

"He seems intelligent enough that he could always go back and finish if needed. "

True, but there is a risk involved such a choice.
Studying is best done when young. Less distractions, less pressure ( relative, but when you also have a job and a house to clean, etc , there is more pressure ) , etc.
Its not impossible. Hell , 90 year olds can still get their degrees, but it does take a lot more effort.

Anyway, this guy is doing what most people can only dream of , good for him!

caseh1190d ago

"What he can do now, is exchange some of this stuff for things he can physically, land, resources, gold, silver, food, etc, etc."

Soon as I started reading your post I was waiting for this statement. Hold on...where did I put my tin foil hat!?

WilliamSheridan1190d ago

You make it sound like the purpose of getting an education isn't also to make money. The purpose of the education is to be employed which yields money. This gentleman no longer needs to worry.

Gaming as a career is an interesting concept.