Only 34% Of Steam Users Run Their Games At 1080p

One Angry Gamer "A year ago there was an article about how only a third of Steam users ran their games at 1080p. Very small percentages of the Steam userbase had the capabilities to run multi-monitor setups or 2K, 4K or 8K setups. A year later, the percentages made some significant moves in various categories."

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Rimeskeem1168d ago

I have many friends who dont have very strong computers but enjoy playing games like TF2 and CSGO

Sethry1011167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Also to quantify that 34%, steam has 125 million users. So 34% is 42.5 million people.

Utalkin2me1167d ago

There is also alot of people with multiple steam accounts too.

decrypt1167d ago

Well many people play at different resolutions. Up until last year i had a 3 monitor setup hence my resolution used to be 5760 * 1080.

This year i upgraded to a ultra wide monitor which has a res of 3440 * 1440, however most of the time i am using DSR to up the res to 5120 * 2160 - 6880 * 2880, depending on how demanding the game is.

So really you cant count Steam users in that way, many people have odd resolutions too.

Tiqila1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

"The next highest in the 2014 survey was the laptop resolution of 1366 x 768 with 25.60%"

I bet those are the kind of PC gamers that scream PC MASTERRACE in any console thread the loudest.

PeaSFor1167d ago

steam always launch with my computer start up, yet i have not played on pc for a good two years...

ChrisW1167d ago

HA! I play my Steam games on a 21:9 ratio monitor which is 2560x1080... Oh... 1080...

inveni01167d ago

I have a perfectly capable rig and two monitors, but I play at 1680x1050 just because I like the color, brightness, and contrast on the smaller monitor better.

neoandrew1167d ago

But those 1366 x 768 are laptops, most gamers with more powerful rigs are playing on normal pc, especially for more demanding top aaa games, so if you want to know how many the real deal pc gamers are using 1080p you should at least subtract those with 1366 x 768 laptops.

Half of users don't ever have 4 core cpu, which is needed for the most demanding and new games.

ThunderPulse1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I was playing on a 1200p until it broke and I got a 1080p to replace it.

Perjoss1167d ago

Its worth mentioning that these results are from a survey and the survey is optional. So these are not stats based on every Steam user.

*only 34% of Steam users that took part in the survey run their games at 1080p.

livininsin1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

@ sethry
Steamspy now has steam users at 135 million, just an update...

On Topic: The stats aren't really accurate since it is only representative of people that chose to take the survey who also happen to only have one monitor. There is a second, seperate category which is also only representative of people that chose to take the survey that have mutli-monitor setups.

Of the people that took the survey, we only know the percentages of single monitor resolutions versus single monitor resolutions and the percentages of multi-monitor resolutions versus multi-monitor resolutions but we don't know the percentages of single monitor users to multi-monitor users.

This could also simply be demonstrating that users with high end set-ups rarely volunteer for surveys.

abstractel1167d ago

Hardcore gamers underestimate the hardcore casual market. View the world outside yourselves, not everyone has your resources.

Fz6soldier1167d ago

Lol, I have multiple steam accounts I never use, no way 40 million people are using steam actively.

donthate1167d ago

Even PC gamers don't really care about resolution when they are actually playing.

The pursuit for resolution gives minimal difference and diminishing returns!

Imagine how your games can look with effects, complex AI, improved physic and additional game mechanics, but instead the 1080p movement is stifling it to the point where some games actually perform subpar because of it.

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nitus101167d ago

Running a game at say 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) or as it is sometimes known 2k (assuming an aspect ratio of 16:9) is fairly understandable since it is very easy for novices to get acceptably cheap monitors that are 1080p from stores that sell computers.

Note: The wording I used above. A good computing store will have good monitors a "stores that sell computers" may only sell acceptably cheap 1080p monitors.

Of course a gamer would know that you can get better resolution monitors and be willing to spend the money to get a good graphics card and a monitor that will work with it.

A 4k monitor/TV is 3840x2160 pixels (aspect ratio 16:9) and for serious gaming you have to consider its refresh rate, not only that you have to have a very good graphic card which is not that cheap.

As for 8k (7680x4320 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9) are there any graphics cards which can push that resolution out, since only a few can sort of push out 4k resolution. Multiple cards maybe, but as far as I am aware 8k monitors are not commercially available at the moment although they probably will be out fairly soon.

JsonHenry1167d ago

Most people I know play at higher than 1080p. But I do play Dota2 with a lot of guys from Venezuela that top out around 720p as well.

Sly-Lupin1167d ago

Steam stats have ALWAYS indicated that the vast majority of PC gamers do not have terribly modern or powerful hardware.

Which is a really good thing, because it encourages developers to make games that scale well. Which is why a single PC has much greater longevity than a console.

Persistantthug1167d ago

But the 7th gen lasted a solid 8 years.....and even in the 9th year much of the software was still being made for PS3 and XBOX 360......I believe it still is in 2015.

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KionicWarlord2221168d ago

"This year, the 1366 x 768 resolution is still second place with 26.61% of the share. It means more people have registered for Steam who use a laptop."

Rofl this has me dying of laughter staring at my 4k monitor.



I thought i was a minority at 4k hell i would be at 1080p.


KiwiViper851168d ago

I took it as 1080p is the majority.

Qrphe1168d ago

The majority doesnt run games at 1080p or above but 1080p IS the most popular resolution. 1366x768 was the most popular resolution until the Dec 2013 survey when it finally dropped to aecond (from what I remember).

XBLSkull1167d ago

The vast majority of monitors are 1080p, makes sense that it is the most popular resolution.

-MD-1168d ago

Actually, at 1080p you would be in the majority, not the minority.

AuToFiRE1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Im running 7680x1080 equivalent to about 6K @ 63:9 aspect ratio. And a little math shows a majority run at a higher resolution than 1080p

DOMination-1167d ago

Thats not the equivalent of 6k thats still 1080p just with three monitors

Lon3wolf1167d ago


So 3840 X 2160 is not 4k and is really 2160p? I run at 2560 x 1440 so that is not 2k but 1440p?

CoLD FiRE1167d ago

@DOMination- and @AuToFiRE 7680x1080 is equivalent to 4K in terms of pixels.

7680x1080= 8,294,400
3840x2160= 8,294,400

So it's neither 6K nor 1080p. That resolution has the same pixel count as 4K and the same horizontal resolution as 1080p but it doesn't make it 1080p because technically 1080p = 1920x1080

7680x1080 requires the same amount of GPU power needed to render at 4K so that's what makes it equivalent to 4K.

Lordani661167d ago

You must have been the wors student in your class at math, because your math skills are terrible. Adding every "over 1080p" resolutions to those almost 35% of 1080p gamers gives us about 38% of people on PC haveing 1080p or higher. 38% is not majority LOL.


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OhMyGandhi1167d ago

"Rofl this has me dying of laughter staring at my 4k monitor. "

cool. You have a nice screen. We are all so impressed. And probably proud, as well.

Back to the topic, I am not surprised by this statistic at all, I only began running 1080p on my screen within the last five years. But before that I have this gateway monitor, I believe it was a 18 inch 1400x900 resolution and was perfectly happy with that.

Who the hell cares.

AuToFiRE1167d ago

Yeah my old monitor was 1440x900. I am glad to get rid of that thing.

iNcRiMiNaTi1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

If you look at the hardware survey that's linked in that article it showed that only 30% play under 1080p. It shows people who play in 1080p is 34.72% and people who play in 4k is 28.90%. That's 70% of people who play at 1080p or higher, and 28.90% 4k is better than the 0% on consoles.


And another thing to think about is back in February there were 125 million ACTIVE steam users

This was in Feb. It's probably a little higher now. And 34% of 125 mil is 42.5 million people. That's still more people playing at 1080p on PC than there are PS4s and Xbox Ones sold combined and that's not counting the ones playing at 1440p or 4k

WilliamUsher1167d ago

Um, 28% aren't playing above 4K.

There are high percentages playing 4K in the multi-monitor category but multi-monitors still make up for a smaller percentage of the overall group of people using Steam.

iNcRiMiNaTi1167d ago

Where did I say 28% of the people are playing above 4k?

Rimfro1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Don't sweat the fanboys putting words into your mouth. They are all busy trying to cope with the fact that the cloudz wasn't just a myth, and that the secret sauce was VERY REAL.

1440p is quickly becoming the new 1080p, on PC. Not to mention gsync, and 144hz/fps. Even the average low-end pc user is achieving 1080p. Meanwhile...HAHAHAHA

tee_bag2421167d ago

Steam need to factor in 144hz monitors. I'm a fps addict and am still using a 1080p monitor but running most games at 144 fps.

Suffice to say 60fps vs 144fps is another experience
worth trying to achieve.

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nowitzki20041167d ago

Well that's a bigger percentage than what the percentage of games that are 1080p/60fps on PS4 and X1.

PC Master Race? Well we know its not Xbox master race...Xbox fanboys and PS4 fanboys are not much different..

"You only say this because of how long the wait for greatness is...

Oh wait..

*runs* "

With comments like that you should be the last person talking about Master race idiots.

Dynasty20211167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

28% play at 3840x1080, therefore over 50% of 125 million Steam users play at 1080p or HIGHER.

Whereas 100% of console users play at 1080p or lower.

And this survey also includes your everyday normal HD-intel CPU graphics users who can barely run Minecraft, like at work or on their £300 laptops.

Of course the numbers will be skewed.

Qrphe1167d ago

28% of people with MULTIMONITOR setups use 3x1080p. Do notice the keyword.

uth111167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

I added the numbers, 95% of Steam users have 1080p or less.

That means 60% are less than 1080p capable, and half only have 2 CPUs

PC Master Race my ass! It's only a minority that have these console-crushing elite systems, the majority aren't even on par with PS4/XB1

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masterfox1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

lol and PS4 almost 90 % wuahahaha, so much for the mustard race!!

I kid I kid I love you PC gamers :D

gif1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Who cares lol..We all gamers

Godmars2901167d ago

As all is talked about and supposedly striven for is graphics and bleeding edge tech when such isn't the case for the majority of PC gamers, you should care. Games like Doom 3 and Crytek pretty much ruined PC gaming, made it unprofitable for devs, too expensive and complicated for the average PC user, and the people behind that mess still at it.

Still at making better looking games when what's needed are better games.

Rimfro1167d ago

The average low-end PC user is running 1080p. The PCs rating lower than that aren't meant to be gamed on. You literally need nothing to start a steam account on your pc. Spin won't give your PS4 100% destructible environments. Just kidding. I love my PS4 brothers. ;)

ChrisW1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Some PS4 games run at 1080p, but does your HDMI inputs (not your cables**) in your TV really allow that? Before you say "DUH! YES!!!", you might want to double check that. Chances are it simply upscales.

Of course, this all depends on how old your TV is...

**HDMI 1.0 cables allow for a max 2560x1440

nitus101167d ago

I suggest you look at the following URL:

I had a HDMI 1.2 cable with worked fine on a 720p HDTV. When I eventually got a 1080p HDTV that same cable was useless when displaying 1080p from my PS3 so I went and splurged $6.00 for a 2m HDMI V1.3 cable.

If you have or are thinking of getting a 4k TV or monitor then you should consider HDMI V2.0 and above.

BTW. I still have an original PS3 and I can display 3D Blurays to my HDTV without any problems. The only issue with the original PS3 is that the hardware control spec does not work as it does on later PS3's such as "auto switch on" of the HDTV and select the appropriate HDMI port although it only takes about 2 seconds to manually select.

SilentNegotiator1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

1.0 was only around for a year and half in 2002-2004 before 1.1 released. How many TVs before May 2004 even went up to 1080p?

You're trying WAAAAAY too hard there, buddy.

edit: Actually, you aren't even right on the resolution limit on 1.0, so IDK WTF you're talking about.

ChrisW1167d ago


Upscaling! Upscaling! Upscaling!!!

What part of "NOT YOUR CABLES" are you not understanding here?!? I'm alluding to software upscaling on HDTVs. Maybe I shouldn't have even mentioned HDMI cables? Right... ... ...


Okay, so it's 1920×1200p. I guess you're a wee bit giddy.

As for trying too hard... Seriously? SIGH... No... If I were to have multiple logins so I can give myself more bubbles, THAT would be trying too hard!

SilentNegotiator1166d ago

"Upscaling! Upscaling! Upscaling!!!"

Maybe if you repeat it again, it'll be true.

"If I were to have multiple logins so I can give myself more bubbles, THAT would be trying too hard!"

This might be difficult for someone like you to understand, but some users get to a high bubble counts by making good comments.

ChrisW1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Don't play coy. You and I have been contributors here long enough to know how the system really works.

"some users get to a high bubble counts by making good comments."

And yet, you are somehow ignored by 52 people. Which, I know, doesn't affect your bubbles, but it does reflect your online persona.

ChrisW1166d ago

By the way...


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TRU3_GAM3R1167d ago

I play at 4k but some times i switch for 2k for better performance :D

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Bolts1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

News flash! People game on their laptop. That's the most shocking thing.

JasonKCK1167d ago

Laptops are my portable gaming system. My games look and run better than PS3/360/WiiU. But, my laptop did cost me $650.

A gaming laptop with wireless KB/mouse, wireless Xbox controller and HDMI can open up thousands of games not even found on console.

Qrphe1167d ago

Not shocking at all, the most popular games on Steam (Dota, CS, TF) can be run by electrically powered potatoes.

_-EDMIX-_1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I've known this for a long time but it seems many think that "most" PC gamers all game at 1080p 60fps etc. That is such a lie its not even funny.

Though many NOW run that, last gen....not really. Modular hardware is a double edged sword, of course you could have a beefy PC, it could also not get any support exclusively for high end hardware, thus....many just game using the bast specs for most releases....then most releases release with base specs based on the community as to not lose sales.

It is a strange cycle that is ironically only broken up with the release of new consoles.

With new hardware in consoles, you then see specs increase on PC titles due to publishers having consoles to fund those PC versions that have the updated specs.

Having the most power doesn't mean having the most support.

With modular hardware, you'll get the power, but because of that inaccurate and unbalanced community, good luck with getting support for the latest GPUs exclusively.

Its really a double edged sword.

Dynasty20211167d ago

Yeah because after two years of "support" and "optimization", consoles are still only able to run at 1080p (and not always), and barely maintain 30 FPS (proven in many games so far).

Cut the crap, optimization is nothing if the hardware is lacking, and every game so far has proven it to be wanting.