Get Your Closed Beta Key to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Here

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is bringing high-tension, fast-paced assault action this Fall, and you can be the first to play it in an exclusive closed beta.

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KillerResistance1190d ago

"Thanks for pre-ordering Tom Claney's Rainbow Six Siege!" I feel so bad for doing this :(

KillerResistance1190d ago

What's with the downvotes, im saying I feel bad for doing this Key thingy

just_looken1190d ago

What KR is trying to say is that the people that pre ordered just lost there main reason for doing so. I dropped $0 but now have instant access.

Soldierone1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

I redeemed a code but it says "Unfortunately, your code is invalid." I tried to get a new code and it says I already got a code and it wont give me one....

Edit; Never mind, it finally worked.

DeHHagen1189d ago

Thank you for the heads up.