Phil Harrison Hints at PS3 Firmware Features

Next March has been hinted as the release date for the first substantial firmware upgrade on PlayStation 3, which Sony President of Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison apparently confirmed to those who attended a meet-and-greet with the man coordinated by Sony-funded blog ThreeSpeech.

According to the attendee, XMB multi-tasking (to what extent, however, is unknown -- can we browse the Internet while downloading a demo?), new XMB display options (a fix for the scaling issues?), new animations for audio playback, new photo album options, PlayStation Store auto-resume and a PSP Remote Access option to access PS3 content via any Internet connection are all on the table.

Sony also plans to incorporate Tivo-like features into the machine sometime in the late summer/early fall of next year.

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FordGTGuy4324d ago

He hinted at things he might fix on the PS3 OMG. Please this is just laughable.

THAMMER14324d ago

I think they are looking in the right direction. No they just need to take the right steps to get it done.

shikwan4324d ago

That the PS3 was rushed to market and NOT worth the price cause this should have been done prior to launch.

And it concludes that all Sony is doing is playing KETCHUP....trying to CATCH UP with what MS already has.

I used to equate Sony with the best. My flat screen tv; Sony. My VCR;Sony. My Camcorder;Sony. My 5.1 Surround receiver; Sony. My 5 disc CD player; Sony. My cassette player;Sony. My DVD player;Sony. My DJ headphones; Sony. My portable MD;Sony.

Now,Sony is not only losing the next-gen war but they're also losing their DIGNITY.

wildcat4324d ago

Where's the bad news? All I read was good news at how they're trying to update the system to be more convenient.

big_tim4324d ago

With fixing problems on the fly. If they fix or update all that was mentioned, then they will be on the right path.

FordGTGuy4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

they are still trying to fix everything that should've been working out of the box however MS has been updating with new features since the launch and are still working on even more right now as this post posts.

big_tim4324d ago

And there were major updates that should have been done before the units were release. Since they have been fixed, most people forget that it was a problem. This to will happen with the PS3. the issues will be forgotten after they are fixed.

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