Quantum Break Preview | Press Start Australia

Mehdi at Press Start Australia went hands on with Quantum Break at Gamescom 2015.

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christocolus1167d ago

Nice. according to the windows central preview Remedy is still fine tuning Jacks time abilities .

"Some abilities, like Jack's time-bending dash, can be used multiple times until depleted, taking chunks of the cooldown bar with it. Other powers, like his time stoppage field, generate longer periods of downtime. You'll need to use them wisely as you advance through the game's shooting scenarios, and I was told that the powers are still being tuned to make sure they're not overpowered"

Its shaping up pretty nicely and i hope Remedy delivers big time.

Rookie_Monster1167d ago

Yup, thanks for the update Chris. This preview sounds much better than the one from Kotaku.

poppinslops1167d ago

I've read a lot of comments by people saying the combat looked 'too easy'... The demos we've seen appear to have been played with God-mode, unlimited ammo and 'time-juice' (quantum foam?) - games shown at conferences to do this as a means of showing-off their gameplay without repeatedly dying or waiting for cooldowns.

Alan Wake and the Max Paynes were tough games and I expect that Quantum Break will require a more tactical approach than what was shown at Gamescom... I get a Tomb Raider vibe from the shooting mechanics, but the time powers are vastly different to any of Lara's tricks, so it will be interesting to see just how dangerous Jack (and Paul) can be.

Has there been any info on Beth Wilder's character?
I'm guessing they've replaced the stand-in actress with somebody more 'accomplished', but I've no idea who... I'm trying to think of HBO actresses (the cast seems HBO heavy) that might suit the role, but drawing a blank.

Maybe one of the gals from Madmen?

Hopefully Remedy will show some of her gameplay off in the 'distant' future... I wonder if she'll have time abilities?

poppinslops1167d ago

Good old Wikipedia... Courtney Hope (Mob Rules, Bones) is playing Beth.