7 Minutes of For Honor Gameplay

Check out the 4v4 action in Ubisoft's brand new duel-'em-up, For Honor.

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JMaine5181166d ago

This game wasn't on my radar before but after watching this I'm looking forward to this.

Rimeskeem1166d ago

I like that it seems to have a lot of team work involved

JMaine5181166d ago

Yea that's what got me hooked in. I like that you can just run out and try and rambo.

poppinslops1166d ago

I'm going to put a lot of time into perfecting my thumbstick swordfighting... hopefully it has practice and 1v1 modes.

Eventually there will be teams of skilled players, working together via headset - at which point For Honour has the potential to present some truly epic showdowns... I can see it becoming VERY competitive.

Maybe the next big e-sport?

crazychris41241166d ago

Need to see more of this game but it looks pretty good, like the teamwork aspect to it.

PSIN4MANT1166d ago


Neixus1166d ago

Looks so cool to play with friends, dueling etc! :D

SquidBuck1166d ago

Is this the PS4 version?

Farsendor11166d ago

most 3rd party developers showcase their games running on ps4.

Or at least they show the playstation button prompts.

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