StarCraft 2 just reminded me why I don't like the episodic format

Lucas: I can't do Telltale games mid-season. That goes for any episodic game series, really; from the few times I've tried it, I just don't jive with experiencing narrative arcs broken up into scheduled chunks of content. Like a Netflix binge-watcher, I'd rather wait until the entire story is available to play at my own pace, then down it all in as few sittings as possible. Being forced to wait between bits of story advancement puts the burden of remaining invested on the player - and I'm about to experience the episodic structure taken to its extreme with StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void. If all goes to plan and this third and final chapter launches later this year, it'll have taken over five real-world years for the complete saga of StarCraft 2 to play out.

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