Xbox One boss explains why it's good to fail with new IP

Microsoft has been shelling out great exclusive after great exclusive, but among their upcoming exclusives will be some brand-new IPs, which do come with their own risks.

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maybelovehate1192d ago

My favorite games from this generation so far have all been new IP's. Ori, Bloodborne, Sunset Overdrive and Life is Strange. I hope they all keep trying new ideas instead of resting on proven ip's.

But sadly the sales of all those games combined do not touch Call of Duty so I also see why they keep giving us sequels after sequels.

Automatic791192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Yeah so far my favorite New IP's have been RYSE, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Lord of the Rings, The Evil Within, Alien Isolation, Ori and the Blind Forest.

Can't wait for some of the awesome new IP shown at E3 and Gamescom from all gaming companies.

Mystogan1192d ago

I really want a Reboot of Too Human. I liked the unique controls. The concept and setting was also very unique and interesting.

Yetter1192d ago

yep, new IP ftw this gen so far

Rookie_Monster1192d ago

That is the attitude of this new Xbox regime under Phil. He is willing to take risk and try new IPS like what we are seeing with Scalebound,QB, recore, Sea of Thieves and bringing back cult classics like Crackdown and KI. Remember, Michael Jordan made tons on game winning shots but failed just as much but he is the greatest of all time.

Not saying Phil is Michael Jordan but he has that same competitive drive and not afraid of the big moment.

KiwiViper851192d ago

Don Mattrick can be compared to Michael Jordan too...

His baseball career.

Automatic791192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

What up Rookie,

I honestly think under Phil Xbox is a fantastic. I don't care how much the haters want to down play the incredible change that has come. However, with that being said I really think this could have been done in 2011-2014 with the Xbox 360. If they would have pumped money into new IP instead of Kinect just imagine how much farther the Xbox brand would be today. Thanks to Phil the Kinect is being utilized for the OS in incredible ways and the focus is on Games. Even VR is not being focused on as they have partnered with Valve and Oculus to provide us great gaming experiences from said companies. I really think if they keep this up they will definitely have an excellent run this generation. Even if the sales don't show it the games sure do.

Note: How incredible did the destruction in Crackdown look. Truly feels next gen.

Rookie_Monster1192d ago

This reminds me of the original xbox era and the first half of the X360 era where we constantly see new and bold IPS from MS. This looks like a return to that and is all about games, listening to gamers feedbacks and actually taking action, and innovating with new things like Windows 10 and cloud computation. And Phil is no doubt the right man for the job.

TwoForce1192d ago

Making new ip is not easy. But it feel fresh when you step outside the comfort zone.

FoxyGotGame1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I'm pleased MS are taking more chances with new IP, but failure wasn't good for THQ or Acclaim...just saying /

StrayaKNT1192d ago

So happy Microsoft are investing In new ip. All the new ip they have shown look
Incredible so far.

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