Blizzard Hiring For A New Unannounced Diablo Game

Blizzard Entertainment have decided it’s time to start hiring for a new project and not just any project but a new Diablo game.

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Player1241163d ago

I want to see where they can go with Diablo after Diablo 3. One of the most annoying cons of Blizzard is that they take AGES to develop games.

Summons751163d ago

Fine by me, Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 have been fantastic (though I'm still annoyed they purposely cut SC2 into 3 parts for no reason). Blizzard is the only thing Activision hasn't ruined.

PixelGateUk1163d ago

Diablo 3 at launch was pretty average to be fair they pulled it back though after patches and the expansion

Player1241163d ago


I agree that Diablo 3 was average at launch but Blizzard knew that they will improve it significantly with expansions and patches.

3-4-51163d ago

Auction Houses are needed.

It always gives you something to do and look forward to.

I don't even use them to abuse items or anything but it's nice to check back in after quests to see that your sword sold for 20,000 g or whatever the number is even if it's only 500g or whatever.

I wish Forza would bring back the Auction House as well.

Mostafeto1163d ago

Yep that sensation of profit is amazing. Diablo really needs it

AzubuEntus1163d ago

"One of the most annoying cons of Blizzard is that they take AGES to develop games."

From what I've heard, 80% of the Blizzard team solely focus on working on WoW while the rest of the members work on the other franchises (Starcraft, Diablo, Heroes, etc).

Jackhass1163d ago

They're developing an even bigger, better Auction House!

Player1241163d ago

Haha I don't think so. I am really excited to see what they will do

TXIDarkAvenger1163d ago

Diablo 4 or an expansion, doesn't matter to me but I would be interested!

styferion1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

I would love another Warcraft though, there's been a scarcity of good 'ol rts in pc gaming nowadays

Crowserk1163d ago

World of Diablo... with a f2p model and in-game cash shop.

10/10 would unload my wallet again.

Roccetarius1163d ago

Don't even joke about such things, because the current (Activision) Blizzard would do exactly that.

With that said though, if they do release a Diablo 4, they would need to do something similar to Lineage Eternal or Lost Ark.

Dasteru1163d ago

The current Diablo 3 already feels like "World of Diablo" It is clear they were catering to WoW fans when they made it.

Crowserk1162d ago

It'd feel way more World of Diablo if they had it 3rd person camera with 32+ ability icons on the screen at one time lol.

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