Top 20 Most Influential Game Designers Part #1

Ashley from GamersFTW writes: This is the first in a 4-part series in which I give my personal countdown of the top 20 most influential designers, producers, and inventors that re-defined and continue to innovate the industry. I decided to not include creators of single games unless it had a particularly significant impact on the gaming landscape.

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itsjustexuma1191d ago

Ken Levine had to be in the top 5 not #18

KurtRussell1190d ago

Yeah, a game like System Shock 2 is above and beyond anything #1 on the list made.

Walker1191d ago

Kojima is a real legend <3 cannot wait to play MGS V . this game is gonna be game of this year !

SquidBuck1191d ago

Why can't they just make the whole list? Because they're greedy and want more clicks later on. Not ever clicking on this site again.

KurtRussell1190d ago

It's a lame fanboy list anyway.

MrsNesbitt1191d ago

Looking forward to the rest of these articles!