Take-Two Denies Comparison Between Mafia III and Grand Theft Auto V; No Tech Sharing With Rockstar

During its latest financial conference call for analysts and investor Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick commented on Mafia III‘s reveal, on the comparison with Grand Theft Auto and on the possibility of technology sharing with Rockstar.

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Erik73571165d ago

Just because if they shared technologies for game development wouldn't mean they are similar games...I don't understand why not.

It would help bring the game director's vision through getting help behind the scenes for the tech, not try to make it the same as gta....

Crazyglues1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Exactly, it's completely stupid not to tech share, you know that saying, "two heads are better then one..."

It's not because it's easier to do things by yourself. Same thing here, if you already figured out shooting mechanics that work great then we should have that to now build on. (The worry is that you would just copy what GTA does) But no, what you do is build on it.

So you give the player what they already love and know really well and then you add to it by making the gun go into the holster under your arm and add a button for switching targets.. so you can easily jump from target 1 to target 2 with one button click.

Then you add more gun kick back, because back then guns were harder to control,(like the Tommy gun) more player movement from the kick back, need to readjust your aim.

You then add bullet smoke animations, the gun tip getting hot and turning red. All things you have time to do now because you didn't spend the last 4 months getting shooting mechanics to work..

It's a 100% stupid not to share tech if you are the parent company and you want them to do well. You just make sure they are not doing a copy and paste but instead getting a jumpstart on things that already work great.

Driving is already awesome in GTA, grab that and improve, use bigger car models, add more weight to the steering, more heavy bass sound to the engine, it's old school cars, add more jolt to the gear shifts, so it feels like back in the day..

All of this again possible because you didn't spend the last 4 months trying to re-invent the wheel.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, to not have access to the lessons already learned by your parent company. -This was a huge mistake by Rockstar.

seanpitt231165d ago

Sorry but if there was any developer in the world you would want to share tech with rockstar would be on top of the list it's crazy rockstars tech is far more advanced than pretty much anything out there and that goes for same as naughty dog. I though Max Payne 3 gunplay was far superior to gta 5.

1165d ago
ClayRules20121165d ago

I think Mafia 3 could benefit greatly by using the tech from GTA. The rag doll physics, driving, explosions from the demo of Mafia 3 looked bad "in my opinion"

Crazyglues1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Exactly, looked really bad to me too, and it's because they spent their time re-inventing the wheel instead of just using a wheel that already works and is really good..

SaveFerris1165d ago

It looks to be a creative choice by the developers. I guess we'll see if it pays off for them when the game is released.

KurtRussell1165d ago

Well, car physics from Mafia 2 is one of the most realistic you will see in any game (if set to simulation mode), except driving sims ofc. GTA 5 cars feel like toys compared to it. As for the ragdoll physics, every game would benefit greatly from it, no competition there.

Aggesan1165d ago

Battlefield, Need for Speed and Mass Effect all run on Frostbite tech. Doesn't mean they're the same.

1165d ago
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