GTAV modders reportedly banned for creating their own online realm

The makers of the FiveM mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 have reportedly been banned from the Rockstar Social Club for creating an online world similar to, but separate from, GTA Online. FiveM makes use of dedicated servers to provide an online multiplayer experience while simultaneously supporting custom levels, assets, gameplay modes, and other mods, something Rockstar does not allow in GTA Online. In fact (and ironically), one of the primary purposes of FiveM was to comply with restrictions on modding in GTA Online, which Rockstar warned in May "could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing."

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Dragonking0071163d ago

I saw this coming rockstar doesnt want mods messing with its online experience they want to keep it balanced I guess, I would tho like a lobby where you dont gain or loose rp or money you just go in and be able to use cheats and mods and creator tools endlessly

3-4-51163d ago

"Hey these people are putting a lot of time into our game...I know...lets ban our games biggest fans!"

Somebody at Rockstar has an ego problem.

N0TaB0T1163d ago

If they wanted to try and balance anything it'd be the deadline for features advertised in well, *the year 2013*...

Chaosdreams1163d ago

I like Rockstar but sometimes they irritate me.

What in all honesty is the point of banning people who are having fun with the game? Seriously? If they are not disrupting the experience of others, this becomes unnecessary.

You've got millions in the bank, show some respect to who gave you the money (in retrospect to those who aren't ruining the game for others.)

Roccetarius1163d ago

I would be lying if i said this surprised me, but this coming from Rockstar is just another thing on the pile.