Black female video game characters that i love

As we all know by now, there have been quite a lot of talks about the lack of diversity in games as of lately. So I (Robin Ek The Gaming Ground) decided to make a list over my most beloved black female game characters (I update the list every now and then). So please enjoy! And feel free to add your own favourites in the comment section =)

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C L O U D1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Seth Balmore from Lost Odyssey...maybe it wasn't intended or maybe it was...but her hair and melanated skin tone tells me otherwise

TGG_overlord1259d ago

Hmmm, I´m not quite sure. However, I think Seth is black as well. Due to her hair and skin tone (just like you stated as well).

C L O U D1259d ago

Yeah playing the game first time that is what I always identified her as...

Great article though I like seeing stuff like this

TGG_overlord1259d ago

Thanks C L O U D =) Feel free to spread it around ;) As I think it deserves way more love than it´s been given so far. Cheers!