Xbox One DVR to initially launch in just three countries

Xbox One’s DVR functionality, announced at Gamescom in Cologne last week, will only be available in three countries at launch next year.

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SquidBuck1169d ago

I have dvr on my tv, no thanks

Sitdown1169d ago

You do? What TV do you have?

SquidBuck1169d ago

You know with my cable subscription, like most people.

Sitdown1168d ago

So what happens to your items should you switch your cable subscription? I have dvr as well, but could benefit from this added feature.

Wikkid6661168d ago

You mean the one that pay a monthly rental fee for. Free is always better!

yarbie10001168d ago

On your bill, do you pay for it?

donthate1168d ago

Can your dvr on the TV record other things than just the tv channel?

Can it do it for free?

Can it keep the shows after you cancel the cable subscription?

The Xbox One DVR can do all of that for FREE!!!

Also, you set your storage limit on the Xbox One! :D

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mrdxpr21168d ago

I thought the Xbox one had this already. But ok well my dvr is free so I'm good