GTA 5 Ships 54 Million Copies, as Take-Two Revenue Rises 142 Percent

Grand Theft Auto V has now shipped more than 54 million copies worldwide, parent publisher Take-Two Interactive announced on Monday as part of its latest earnings report for the quarter ended June 30. This is up from nearly 52 million three months ago.

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justy1121163d ago

That is a insane amount of copies for any game to achieve, Great job Rock Star keep it up

bouzebbal1162d ago

overhyped series to me. i didn't buy this one, i borrowed it from someone on 360 and i played it 5 minutes, got bored of it like all other gta games. I just don't like the style and missions are so cheasy... go pick you GF, take her back home, kill the dealers... go get you a suit, cut you hair...
In case people don't get it, this is obviously my personal opinion.

FallenAngel19841163d ago

GTAV didn't ship 54 million, Rockstar clarified it was 54 million sold

_-EDMIX-_1162d ago

shipped is sold.

Retail buys those games, then sells them. Thus, Rockstar is getting paid either way as retail is buying up shipment from them.

FallenAngel19841162d ago

They are not the same. You ship more units than sold-in units.

Either way its already been clarified that this is sold not shipped.

just_looken1163d ago

super hyped series still full price Also spanning 2 years in a couple weeks but shhh truth not allowed here.

George Sears1163d ago

I'd like to see you guys make a game and do better.

just_looken1162d ago

Not the point its the fact gta has become minecraft in a way overpriced years old.

Gta v should be no more than $20 a play station classic and have sufficient fresh dlc. But its a full price cash grab that has not evolved at all.

Look at gta iv dlc look at gta5 dlc

MasterCornholio1162d ago


54 million in sales is still an incredible achievement. Well deserved for such a good game.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1162d ago


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas sold like 20m on PS2.

That one platform with 155m install base.

But you have PS3 and X360 over 160m combined + PS4 25m, Xbone 13m and Steam/PC users that way more than PS2 but could only do over half?

curtis921162d ago

dude it could be on 10 platforms... that'd still be 5.4m on EACH.

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Ipunchbabiesforfun1162d ago

I've never even played it! lol and I owned almost all of them. 54 million? good lord.

pompombrum1162d ago

I can't think of a more deserved game to sell as well. Been nearly 2 years since it came out and still discovering new cool stuff in the game, the attention to detail is on another level. Hands down one of my favourite games of all time.

traumadisaster1162d ago

True. I still go back to red dead redemption and wonder at the details and find new activities to do.

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