Mad Max is the fight club I expected, but I wasn't ready for the wasteland | Polygon


"Avalanche Studios' Mad Max is the least surprising game I played at Gamescom 2015, and after a long week on the other side of the world, I was happy for a bit of interactive comfort food."

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joab7771258d ago

I was hopine that this wasn't any good lol! Being another open world game is almost too much right now. And did the same team make Just Cause 3 also, only a few months apart?

psychosmurf1011258d ago

You were hoping it wasn't good? Really? Okay then....I have had enough of the comment section of the internets today.

mkis0071258d ago

It's likely he meant in a joking way. This way We all have one more game to go broke getting next month.

crazychris41241258d ago

Same here I was hoping the would game suck, sell terribly so the workers would have to be laid off. Too bad it looks amazing and will sell well.

HRoach6161258d ago

Yeah what's wrong with you? The game looks like it has potential. I was stoked for Shadow of Morder before it came out. That was a great game. This looks like it has potential just like that did.

I'm hoping that it's good. I'm kind of in a drought after Witcher and Batman came and went. A good open world game to tide me over till October would be amazing right now.

fermcr1258d ago

I'm sceptical about Mad Max. From what I've seen so far, I'm not convinced about this game.

TwoForce1258d ago

What, dude ?This is way better than other video games based on movies. First, we got Mad Max Furt Road which was outstanding action movie. And also, this game is getting positives press. I know it can't make people to buy this game, but i'm really exciting to see this.

Adexus1258d ago

Cannot wait for this, think it might be a sleeper hit like Shadow of Mordor was.

medman1258d ago

This game looks main problem is figuring out how to find time for this and MGSV, which are launching on the same day. Decisions, decisions.....

starchild1257d ago

I'm really looking forward to Mad Max. I can tell I'll almost certainly like it.