Quantum Break's hero was always going to look like Iceman


"If you've been following Alan Wake developer Remedy's Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, you might have noticed a seeming last-minute casting change at Gamescom 2015, as protagonist Jack Joyce suddenly gained a new and different face. Despite speculation regarding evil twins and merging realities (pretty par for the course when a game is about time travel), the truth is far more mundane: the original Jack was a stand-in."

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Septic1165d ago

Yeah I got that impression too from the interview with Sam Lake. Loving the new cast.

Christopher1165d ago

I have to say, I actually am more interested with him as the lead. He's not the most "emotional" actor I've seen, but I do like him for these sort of roles. He fills that type of role well and is still young and able to lead such a role for many years without issue or starting to look old.

Lng1010101165d ago

I thought he did some good work on The Following. Or maybe that was his twin brother.

-Foxtrot1165d ago

Plus if anything happened to him like he got tired of the role or he had an accident....he has a twin

You don't get that everyday

quaneylfc1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Why was the original on the cover art then?

Why the hell as Jack Joyce now got a weird hunchback due to a badly modelled new head?

Lol some things don't add up. Plus, the old Jack seemed to be a more capable actor.

RIP old Jack Joyce, he was my Joyce and now i have a crappy new one :( for some reason, it feels like Eight Days, like it's gone now for good.

Wallow1165d ago

I knew it! He is Iceman.

Sciurus_vulgaris1165d ago

When I first saw Quantum Break, the main character looked like Phil Spencer with a cleft chin.

chrisx1165d ago

Love Remedy Quantum Break looks like a masterpiece

TeamLeaptrade1165d ago

Yeah I was confused when I saw him in the gamescom preview, but it makes sense. Can't wait to play this game and watch the show, I hope it's a hit.

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