Check Out Five Minutes of Fable Legends Malice Gameplay in Shiny Direct Feed 1080p

Want to see some unabridged Fable Legends gameplay? Here are about five minutes of footage recorded at Gamescom’s Xbox showcase from a PC running the Windows version.

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TheGreatGamer1168d ago

Looks amazing graphically, especially for a f2p game!

Abriael1168d ago

It's definitely a looker. Even more than the graphics, the art style is great.

Bigpappy1167d ago

Next-gen lighting for the world

4Sh0w1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Looks great but it just makes me miss the good old classic Fable more.

Scatpants1167d ago

Oh yeah this is FTP. Pass.

1167d ago
Scatpants1166d ago

That it is free to play and I will be passing.

Rimeskeem1167d ago


Looks great
F2P (so you can try without regret)
PC and Xbox


imo, the voices got so annoying

1167d ago
gamer78041167d ago

This looks fun, can't wait to play with my friends on xbox and windows alike.

Rookie_Monster1167d ago

And is Free! Definitely Wil get this for my XB1 and PC. Looks great so far

spicelicka1167d ago

Woww this game has been so off the radar, looks amazing! I don't know if its the f2p model that's keeping the game from getting the spotlight it deserves.

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The story is too old to be commented.