Everspace is a Single Player Only Game, Could Come to PS4 and Xbox One via Stretch Goals

OnlySP: Rockfish Games has just started the Kickstarter for their upcoming rouge-like space shooter Everspace, and has already reached close to $100,000 in the first 3 days of the campaign.

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theXtReMe11163d ago

Ill take it! Bring it to consoles. Ive been wanting a game like Freespace for ages. This looks like it could fit the bill. Definitely supporting this project. You can too:

Ravenheartzero1163d ago

Saw a trailer for this yesterday and thought it looked pretty good tbh. Look forward to seeing more!

Mystogan1163d ago

Why would i want a gigantic universe in which i can travel planet to planet and do it alone... No multiplayer is a turnoff for me in these games. This is No Mans Sky all over again.

ThunderPulse1163d ago

There is always a place for great SP games.

PockyKing1163d ago

It's not a galactic universe type game though. You'll be in star systems and have to warp from one to the next by gathering enough materials to do so.

raWfodog1163d ago

Of course no game is good for everyone. That's why we have many options. If every game had the same concept/mechanics, what'd be the fun in that?

isarai1163d ago

Can you land on planets and explore on foot? Cause that's the main thing i want out of a game like this. I'll take discovery and wonder over pure action any day

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The story is too old to be commented.