Top 10 Gaming Girls Who Could Tussle with Ronda Rousey

Austin Flynn writes: "After her 34-second August 1 victory over Bethe Correia, talks of Ronda Rousey being the world’s toughest woman have taken the internet hostage: “She can’t be beat.” “She’s invincible.” “She’s a Super Saiyan!” And from the looks of things, tales of her badassery will continue to echo from all corners of the web, as fighters of her caliber are essentially non-existent.

After all, only 25 percent of her UFC fights have lasted more than one minute, with only one of those outlasting the first round. So, while the rest of the world patiently waits for a real-life contender to emerge from the shadows and rival her prowess in the octagon, Power Up Gaming would like to throw a few fantasy fighters her way to see how they might fare. Will Ronda be known as the toughest lady in gaming as well? Here’s a top 10 list of the virtual female fighters who might (but probably wouldn’t) stand a chance against the world’s toughest woman."

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triverse1165d ago

She suffers from the Brock Lesnar effect- she hasn't faced anyone that can take her toe to toe for very long, once she does, it is stamina at stake and then we will see how well she does. I don't think she will do all that well with someone that can take, and dish, it out.

RustCohle1165d ago

We need that Cris Cyborg fight to happen.

psplova1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Agreed. She's the only true that that I can think of (real life or otherwise). That chick can BANG.

IrishSt0ner1164d ago

As if that fight won't end via first round armbar submission.

WilliamUsher1164d ago

Cyborg was on 'roids.

That's not gonna happen, but even if it did I think Rousey would take Cyborg.

RustCohle1163d ago

I'm totally on Ronda's side with this if it happens.

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Captain_Wormy1165d ago

Ronda would tear Jill and Lara in half like tissue paper.

higgins781165d ago

Yes, tussle, but ultimately get owned. Ronda Rousey is an incredible warrior and athlete. Any argument "she hasn't faced anyone that can take her toe to toe for very long" is hocus. Every fighter faces this accusation at some point in their career if they keep winning. Champion.

triverse1164d ago

The old saying that there is always someone bigger and badder comes to mind. Brock had great fanfare and promotion when he was in UFC but that all went out the window when he started fighting people that could take him on and return the assault.

Not trying to take anything away from her accomplishments so far, just saying, it is only time till she is taken down a notch or two. Right now, it is in the interest of the promoters to keep her on top and winning fights.

5yb5n6u1164d ago

first sign that you need medical help:
a real person get mixed somehow with imaginary one in your head.
i know i do, because years ago as a innocent child i somehow got this lewdly imagination that involves sonic the hedgehog, tails, and bill clinton.

mrjam01164d ago

How about the time when she broke 4 of a guys ribs just by throwing him over her shoulder. Yeah, don't f**k with Rousey.

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