Top 5 PS4 Games Not On Xbox One

ITechHeads: Even though 3rd party games are easily the most popular games on PS4, we can’t help but always hype up the exclusive games for our favorite consoles. These are our current top 5 games that you can’t play on Xbox One right now.

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Sonyslave31168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Rocket League is coming to xbox one according 2 devs and Drive Club really the author should just use ps3 remaster games instead of Drive Club lol.

Ps4 best game is a last gen game but I thought ps4 fanboys didn't buy their system to play last gen games.

breakpad1168d ago

they shouldnt have mentioned Infamous Ss ..imo is not appealing and a mediocre game....also i dont get Sony 's insistence to pay these guys for games all the Infamous games were somewhat mediocre and totally unisnpired

Subaruwrx1168d ago

@breakpad - Well, you're entitled to your opinion but, imo, the Infamous franchise is fantastic. It has a great comic book superhero feel to it.

kneon1168d ago

It sounds like you've never played the Infamous games.

kayoss1168d ago

One question for you... Can you play those remastered games on the PS3 (the key word is remastered, not the original)?

umair_s511168d ago

But overall PS4 is a great system

DarXyde1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

If people believed in only new games, remastered titles wouldn't be selling and Xbox gamers wouldn't have said Microsoft won E3 thanks to backwards compatibility.

There is obviously a market for older titles.

But okay, if you pride yourself in trolling, have at it. It's not a glamorous or particularly rewarding life...but it's a life,I guess.

Additionally, I suspect you haven't played Drive Club. I was highly skeptical of it before playing it on PlayStation Plus, but it's actually a solid game. Its problems have pretty much been solved. It was a highly anticipated exclusive with bad online that was since amended. Sounds familiar?

BitbyDeath1168d ago

Driveclub has sold over 2 million copies and is dubbed by many as the best current gen racer, that is why.

captainbigballs1168d ago

truer words have never been spoken

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maybelovehate1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Bloodborne, Last of Us and Resogun. And that is pretty much it. Bloodborne is reason enough to buy one though.

Septic1168d ago

Bloodborne and Resogun for me. Other than those, not much over the competition at all. Well until Uncharted 4, Horizon and TLG come out.

SolidGear31168d ago

The Order and Until Dawn as well

TheGreatGamer1168d ago

I'd replace Rocket League with Resogun because Rocket League isn't a ps4 exclusive, it's 100% confirmed coming to Xbox One

Spotie1168d ago

But it ain't there yet.

TheGreatGamer1168d ago

No, but it will be and a game like Resogun, a true ps4 exclusive (and better in my opinion) better suits this list

GenuineGamer1168d ago


but resogun is on ps3 and vita as well... lol

TomLovesXBOX1168d ago

They never said it was specifically coming to xbox one. Just other consoles.

skydragoonityx1168d ago

Uncharted should be on that list

chrisx1168d ago

All top quality games

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The story is too old to be commented.