Gamer Chatter Podcast - Episode 121: Gamescom Week

This week was Gamescom and the boys go over it a bit. Edward really hasn’t played much, but has played a ton of Rocket League! James and Will have also joined Ed in one of the greatest games on PS4. Tim is finally back this week and he has some games to talk about! But he is one cheap bastard! James goes on his rant about Konami, but it was great to listen to! Last but not least there is Will! He has finally joined the dark side because they have cookies! Yes everyone Will has gotten himself and Xbox one, he has a lot to go over and gush about his new purchase! This weeks community question which was a bomb by Will was: What are your Gamescom predictions? With only one answer I think Will picked the worst Community Question the podcasts has ever seen. Please enjoy the show and see you all next week!

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