Star Wars Battlefront Wins Game of Show at Gamescom, Plus full list of winners.

As for the gamescom 2015 awards, Star Wars Battlefront cleaned up, taking home Best of Show, the Most Wanted Consumer Award, and more.

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SpaceRanger1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

It completely deserves it. Congrats to all the devs making sure that it gives us the Star Wars Battlefront experience that we all deserve.

This game will honestly go leaps and bounds above other yearly shooters and over-milked franchise shooters this holiday in both quality and quantity. There's really no denying that.

SmokingMonkey1165d ago

I am most excited for the Split-screen Co-op!

GF and I have been waiting for a split-screen game we can both enjoy together, this is it!

Hoping for Dual-log in and lot's of unlockables for longevity.

KingDustero1164d ago

Honestly I feel like Halo 5 is going to be the best shooter this year. 343 is crafting a game that still feels like Halo, but is finally adding elements that freshen the game up without making it feel like other shooters.

Battlefront looks good, but nothing I've seen has wowed me. It looks like a tweaked and re-skinned Battlefield. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but to me the BF games are fun for a month or so then they become just a grind-fest.

Both are going to be great games, but I feel like Halo 5 has the upper-hand. It'll have a true single-player, more game-modes, a more balanced and competitive multiplayer and lets not forget they have yet to reveal what they're doing with forge. I'm sure with 343 is doing some amazing stuff with the very large increase in ram compared to Halo 4.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1164d ago

Agreed, after playing the Halo 5 beta it became my most anticipated game of the year.

I was all excited for Battlefront until i saw the gameplay at E3. It just looks a bit dull as a shooter, when it comes to Star Wars i expect more lightsaber gameplay and force use and i've noticed that they've yet to show multiple Heroes fighting as Jedi/Sith.

The tiny segment they show of Luke vs Vader looks very stiff and awkward nothing fluid about the sword play shown. Leads me to believe that the jedi/sith hero saber fights are gonna be underwhelming.

Who knows they could be better than I think, but right now only games I got pre-ordered is Halo 5 limited edition and Fallout 4.

KingDustero1164d ago


Exactly, Battlefront isn't supposed to be a shooter. It is meant to be a Star Wars game. They've done a good job creating the atmosphere and sounds for it, but it is still just a regular shooter. Maybe they'll prove us wrong, but it seems like Jedi and everything linked to them isn't going to be a big part of the game sadly.

Yeah I'm just waiting to get my One. Pre-ordered the Halo 5 bundle and am stoked to get it. So many great exclusives coming out over the next year. Is going to be hard to juggle time between both systems.

StrayaKNT1164d ago

Meh Star wars is battlefield in a different skin. Halo 5 beta was the best mp fps I have ever played and probably ever made.

Majin-vegeta1164d ago

Halo 5 is just another FPS with a different look...

Man can't wait for Battlefront I got my deluxe edition pre ordered roll on out Nov 17.

Rookie_Monster1164d ago

I'll play both Halo 5 and Battlefront on my XB1 this holiday and decides for myself. As for COD 2016, meh, I'll pass again.

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spartanlemur1164d ago

Best strategy game: Unravel? Seriously?

What about Stellaris?

joab7771164d ago

With success of FF14 and ESO on consoles, Bioware would be smart to bring SWTOR to consoles and take advantage of the love for Star Wars right now.

And Battlefront looks amazing...some true Dice love here!!

mkis0071164d ago

Who better to judge than those who got to be there and see it in action?

lolosgolos1164d ago

Will have to see more of this. Right now Halo 5 is killing it with that warzone mode

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