Remasters Vs. Backwards Compatibility: Which Is Better?

Ever since the dawn of the new generation of consoles we have seen both of these terms crop up quite a bit. Firstly because developers like to save time and make money, and secondly because the consumer want to actually play the games they have bought. It is a debate that we have as gamers as we look to relive some of our favourite games from the past. But should we have to re-pay for these experiences?

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Sonyslave31168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

All I know Xbox one owners have the choice to choose can't say that about the other camp.

SoapShoes1168d ago

Nintendo owners have the ability to choose and it has better backwards compatibility than Xbox does. Anyway I choose remasters if they are worthy or being remastered. Otherwise, I just keep my old system for playing old games.

Genuine-User1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Funny how some are beating around the bush with the question at hand.

Remasters are much better in my opinion. And I would rather have access to all my games than a selected few.

BattleAxe1168d ago

We all know this is a flame bait article. However, lets be real for a minute though, as being able to play last gen games on a next gen system that you've already paid for is far better. If you're really going to argue with that logic, then there's something seriously wrong with you.

styferion1168d ago

I think remasters and BC have different purpose though, remasters are mainly for people who skip the console's previous gen and BC are for people who move on to their console's next gen.

freshslicepizza1168d ago

choices are good. just like a choice to have third party subscriptions like ea access. i prefer remasters to backwards compatibility because i want the best reproduction of past games. it's why i enjoy pc gaming so much. but backwards compatibility is also a great feature but microsoft should have done this at launch but better late than never. i guess in their eyes there is still tens of millions of xbox 360 owners who have yet got into next gen.

Rookie_Monster1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Both have their pros so the better option is to have both for us to choose really.

For example, when remasters cost almost as much as a retail games and only offer a higher resolution bump and fps or have features taken away, then those are not remasters that sound interesting to me. But when remasters are done right like adding new textures and cinematic built from the grounds up or having multiple titles included in the package and retaining EVERY thing from its original incarnation, then I fully support these type of remasters.

For people that already have the last gen titles, BC offers tons of incentive and even breath new life into old games with all the new features on current consoles like DVR and streaming can be used and every achievements, DLCS and saves can be carried over. It is invaluable to many because some would like to keep and continue their achievements, continue playing a game they saved and didn't finish last gen and have all their DLCs that they already bought for be used. These awesome options can't be offered by remasters.

So far only one console manufacturer is offering both as seen in a certain remaster with the original BC version included. IF you can have both and choose, that is the better option IMO.

JohnRambo3921168d ago

I bet a person who only owns a PS4 would say that!

decrypt1168d ago

Of course BC matters. Games i still play on my PC:

Warcraft 3, TF2, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter Strike.

Hell recently i loaded up Witcher 1 and Dragon age origins just for an RPG kick.

GameNameFame1168d ago

This is of course assuming we will even have the option..

What if Publisher says no. We wont allow BC on X1 cause we want to sell more on remasters?

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Mrveryodd1168d ago

You no about xbox how? It has not been released.

miyamoto1168d ago

I would have never appreciated:

Shadow of the Colossus
Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles
Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Sonic Adventure 1 & 2
Nights Into Dreams
Metal Gear Solid 2,3 and Peace Walker HD Collection
God of War 1, 2 , Ghost of Sparta, Chain of Olympus

the way I do today if it weren't for the remastered versions on PS3.
I mean they are all fantastic & beautiful looking games in vivid crystal sharp HD and all 60fps!

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F0XHOUND1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

True, I'm undecided on whether to play my mass effect remake or remaster. Which one would you suggest?

_-EDMIX-_1168d ago

Who broke your last gen system? When did MS and Sony put foxdie in those consoles? lol

Did your forget that PC, Wii U and Wii have BC?

SteamPowered1168d ago

Remasters are almost redundant on PC. The graphic fidelity is usually already higher than the console release, so there isnt much to remaster.

God bless PC for BC. I love playing the classics.

Septic1168d ago

Yeah but this is about Remasters vs Backwards Compatibility.

Death1168d ago


Essentially what you are saying is every platform has b/c except Playstation? I'm not sure how you are trying to downplay Xbox One being able to play Xbox 360 games by mentioning other platforms that do it.

Having the choice to play your existing games via b/c or paying for remasters is the way to go. Why anyone would argue they don't want b/c and prefer to pay is beyond me. If you want to buy remasters feel free to pick up an Xbox One. You can still pay for them there too. Paying isn't a Sony exclusive. Free on the other hand is looking more and more like a four letter word on the console.

gangsta_red1168d ago

And what if his last gen system broke?

What if he traded it in for a new system?

What if he never owned a last gen system?

What if he only owned a PS3? And made a switch to Xbox One only...or was a 360 only owner and now only has a PS4?

_-EDMIX-_1168d ago

@Death- on ignore.

@G-Red- "And what if his last gen system bro-"


The reality is....if you had money for a current gen system, clearly you also had money for a last gen one too as 2 games brand new cost more then either of those consoles used soooooo.

I kept my PS3, bought a PS4. I actually care about my collection of PS3 games a bit more then most keep trying to claim on here.

If it was something of value to you, it would not be sold, it would be bought again if broken etc. If something is not worth buying, I again question its actual value to the consumer.

I mean.... all the situations your bring up only show that it wasn't wanted that much if they never bought it back, if they even sold it to begin with lol

I can see BC being really helpful for those that only had a few games they wanted to play based on selling their system or it breaking etc. As...clearly its not wanted THAT badly if they never bought it back.

Its merely a nice feature. Free is always nice though....but so is not selling that system in the first place.

OldDude1168d ago


Spoken like someone who doesn't have a BC option on their system. Your argument is just plain stupid and obviously made out of spite.

_-EDMIX-_1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )


Stay on topic, not sure why so emotional and personal for. No..spoken like someone that actually has a PS3 that plays 100% of PS3 games lol and I have a PS4.

my PSN name is EDMIX (clearly) and many of you who have me added very much see me on both my PS3 and PS4 during the week.

What is BC to someone that has it native? lol Sure bud.

Being a fellow old dude, I thought you would under stand the better days of owning many systems vs begging for limited BC those entitled whippersnappers =)

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holysmokesbatman1168d ago

Some games don't warrant a remaster financially but are awesome none the less, this is where BC is brilliant!

Christopher1168d ago

I'd rather BC than remaster. Not to say that I haven't bought any remasters, but if I had the choice between playing a game I already own versus buying a remaster? I'd go for the BC any day. As it is, the only remastered games I have are ones I've never played before last generation or ones that cost me very little compared to buying them new.

If I could play even half of my PS3 games on my PS4 at the same resolution/framerate they did on PS3, that would be awesome and would be preferential than spending any money on remasters of them.

Thing is, that's just not going to happen. There is not going to be PS3 BC on the PS4. The cell architecture was a huge gamble, and this is one of the downsides to that gamble.

Rookie_Monster1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Agreed Christopher. Well said and great logic behind your reasons.

showtimefolks1168d ago

first of all troll article

and how many more do we need? we get it you Xbox fans are happy. why can't you enjoy it without having to push it down our throats. come on man

every day we are reminded of how cool this feature is yet less than 10% of the install base will actually use this feature. I had a 60gb ps3 and while I did use it few times but after a while I didn't event notice it anymore

how many of you are happy that it's a feature you wanted badly and how many of you are just happy that you can brag about this feature being on your console?

if this feature was on ps4 also than how many of you would still care? I am not expecting anyone to man up and admit that this feature is overhyped because this is n4g afteall

again we get it you have this feature on your console and congrats can you spare us about its awesomeness. I didn't know people buy next gen consoles to play last gen games when they can grab a last gen console with bunch of games for half the cost

FlexLuger1168d ago

"first of all troll article"

Its a simple question. What do you prefer a remaster of BC. Why would that be trolling. Its not like like XB1= BC VS PS= remaster. XB1 has both. So what is your problem with the OP?

"and how many more do we need? we get it you Xbox fans are happy. why can't you enjoy it without having to push it down our throats. come on man"

who is "shoving it down your throat"? You are the one that chose to click, read and then comment. But again, I dont see how its trolling. The author is asking a simple question.

"again we get it you have this feature on your console and congrats can you spare us about its awesomeness."

You are clearly taking this TOO personally, I think.

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Neonridr1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

There are benefits to both. On one hand backwards compatibility either lets you play games you already own or ones you can purchase for dirt cheap by this point.

Remasters make you end up paying full price again sometimes, however you usually get everything included in one package with the benefit of improved resolution and/or framerates.

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TheGreatGamer1168d ago

Remasters (when done right) and backwards compatibility complement each other very nicely that it's far better to have the option of both.

Kribwalker1168d ago

Can't believe all these people disagreeing with you when you are making nothing but sense.

An option for both is the best way. Wanna buy a remaster then buy it. Wanna play the old version you already own on your new console, then BC is the best, but both options is the best way

Summons751168d ago

Both are equal. Backwards compatibility is nice to have something on hand to play and remasters are great to breathe life into old games maybe fix some issues the original had.

Chug1168d ago

Remasters for people that want current gen graphics. BC for people that would rather play last gen games.

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