Is the Rare bundle worth it?

...I was a little cautious about buying the Rare Replay game collection. Whilst I remember loving games like Jetpac, Battletoads, and Banjo-Kazooie, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’d still love playing them now. Games have advanced considerably since then, in story, in graphics and in length. But I figured I’d give it a go, because seven year old Alec was itching to get his hands on some of the greatest games of his childhood...

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Rookie_Monster1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Truth and to the point. LoL

The only way I see that this game is not worth it is when the cops showing up at my front door and arresting me for stealing the game because $30 is really like a steal. ;)

Kribwalker1167d ago

I have now introduced my kids into a bunch of games I grew up playing. They are both in love with battle toads, which is amazing, and banjo, jet force, perfect dark zero and kameo and it keeps going, now when I say "back in the day (and I'm only 32 and grew up through the evolution of games) " they will know exactly what I was talking about

DLConspiracy1167d ago

More like.. "Damn Straight"

Th3o1167d ago

I just bought an Xbox One to compliment my Ps4 ( It's a much better media player plays all my videos while my ps4 doesn't play majority:()

I got this, Halo Collection and Forza Horizon 2.

Rare collection is a Gem that everyone should own!

I hope Sony will Follow Suite and Release some of their gems in bulk:)

DLConspiracy1167d ago

They will probably release all the Insomniac games i'm sure.

3-4-51167d ago

It's worth it just for the N64 games.

dantesparda1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Sorry, but I could care less about these old games. And why pay $30 when you can get almost all these games for free and running better.

3-4-51167d ago

then don't buy it. Plenty of other awesome games out there.

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MilkMan1167d ago

well, I wouldn't say YES as a blanket statement. Most of those games are mostly for nostalgia purposes and its nice to have accessible, but in reality they are very difficult to get into and play. Mostly because they haven't aged well.

Out of the bundle, there are like 10 that are worth playing. The rest vary with mileage.

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