Is it safe to say Sony has won this gen?

The PS4 is currently at the top of the console race and it doesn't look like they're losing any steam. Is it safe to say that the PS4 has won this gen? Or could Microsoft have a chance at catching up?

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Sonyslave31260d ago

Sony Won the Sale war while MS won the Game war .

Abash1260d ago

You lost the gen, you pledged loyalty to the Xbox brand and can't see the great games that the PS4 has and will be getting this gen.

Be a gamer and love both the PS4 and Xbox One

HammadTheBeast1260d ago

I dunno about have and will. This gen, in comparison to the past 2, has got a while to go. Let's not forget that Xbox 360 was primed to beat PS3 by a long shot until 5-6 years after their releases, at which point the PS3 began to get higher sales until it surpassed the Xbox.

This gen Microsoft basically gifted Sony the same lead that Sony gifted Microsoft last gen, there's still time to go, major games for each respective platform have yet to be released, and overall, it's way too early to call a winner.

miyamoto1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

It's all about true leadership.

Steadfast, consistent, enduring, improving, progressive, innovating and universally accepted by all nations.

Everyone should ask themselves this honest question?

Which brand made video gaming a legitimate and mainstream form of interactive entertainment not just for the young but also the mature gamers alike since the early days of modern video games consistently?

Only the platform that commands good vision of the future and leadership of the video games industry in terms of quantity of quality will win it for the gamers and game makers.

assdan1260d ago

@hammad. The ps3 and 360 traded blows, saleswise, the entire gen. People remember the first couple ps3 years as a lot more grim than they actually were. The ps3 and 360's first and second respective years were almost even. After that, the ps3 had a slight edge the rest of the gen. The only reason the ps3 hadn't surpassed the 360 by it's third year on the market was because the one year lead that the 360 had.

ginsunuva1259d ago

We all lost. There were no games this gen.

quaneylfc1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Be a true game and get all 3 consoles.

Xbox has the best network and the more innovative games
Ps4 has the most poweful hardware and prettiest games
Wii u has the funnest and longer lasting games.

Griever1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

These guys only consider AAA shooters or racers worth counting in a list of games. Xbox has got nothing but shooters and racers. If the Xbox fans only want to play shooters and racers then Xbox surely won for them but they sure do have shallow and narrow tastes in gaming.

Halo MCC? Shooter
Halo 5? Shooter
Crackdown? Shooter
Quantum Break? Shooter
Gears of War Ultimate? Shooter
Gears of War 4? Shooter
Tomb Raider? Shooter
Forza 5? Racer
Forza 6? Racer
Forza Horizon 2? Racer

However, Playstation fans want variety in their games instead of just shooters and racers. We want JRPGs, platformers, adventures, action, puzzle-solvers, hack n slash, beat em ups, horror, creative indies and shooters. Dudebro shooters alone do not rock our boat or make us drool like the Xbox fans. If you do not like to play shooters and racers then Xbox One has no games for you. That is even truer if you play JRPGs.

Gunstar751259d ago


Seriously selective over your genres there. Obviously there was an agenda on your part and you were going to slap any old game in any category that helped your case.

I'm currently playing a lot of....

- world of tanks
- defender grid 2
- Forza Horizon 2
- Elite dangerous
- Killer Instinct

I think that shows some variety...but I doubt you agree....

Griever1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )


There is no agenda; only facts. I only listed all the AAA exclusives that the Xbox One fans are often so proud of. Even you cant come up with a diverse list of games for Xbox One and had to list those unknown games. Let me give you a list of PS4 diverse and EXCLUSIVE lineup.

Uncharted; shooter
Little Big Planet; puzzle platformer
Order 1886; shooter
Driveclub; Racer
Star Ocean 5; JRPG
Nier 2; JRPG
Dragon Quest Heroes; hack and slash
Dragon Quest Heroes II; hack and slash
Dragon Quest XI; JRPG
Dragon Quest X; MMORPG
Final Fantasy XIV; MMORPG
Vanishing of Ethan Carter; horror adventure
Journey; adventure
P.T; Horror
Everybody has gone to rapture; adventure
Ratchet and Clank; action platformer
Persona 5; JRPG
God of War III REmastered; hack and slash action
Uncharted Collection; shooter
The Last of Us Remastered; survival horror action
Akiba's Trip; hack and slash
Alienation; shooter
Bastion; action RPG
Transistor; action RPG
Bloodborne; action RPG
Disgaea 5; strategy RPG
Street Fighter V; beat em up
Dreams; simulation
No Man's Sky; open world exploration
Gran Turismo 7; Racer
Infamous Second Son; action adventure
Killzone Shadowfall; shooter
Killstrain; action strategy
Omega Quintet; pop idol simulation RPG
Knack; action platformer
Rime; adventure platformer
Onechanbara; hack and slash
Rocket League; sports/soccer
Tearaway unfolded; platfomer
Tales of Zestiria; JRPG
Tales of BErseria;JRPG
The Witness; adventure puzzler
Until Dawn; survival horror
The Tomorrow Children; sandbox puzzle

Now THAT is what diversity means! ALL of those are exclusives and belong to various genres. I have even left many out of that list. There is just no competition.

BubbsyKong1259d ago

I like you! Both consoles are good but IMO if u just want 1080p gaming then the ps4 is for u, But if you want features like pc crossplay and beta games (dayz early acess is xbox one) I'd go with xbox as it has more next gen features IMO. Both consoles are nice and have amazing games in the end play what u like and get of the fan war, Who cares what sold more both have a good player base and good games :)

Pogmathoin1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Sony will probably win the fanboy sales war, but gamers who get both, win overall.... those who spend all day putting down either side, are pure hypocrites.

Griever, love the way you compile a huge list for PS4, while leaving out many X1 games.... pure stock fanboy at work.

callahan091259d ago

@HammadTheBeast: The fact is, the 360 never had as big of a lead over the PS3 as the PS4 has over the XB1 right now. And the 360 had a one year head start. That's why it's so difficult to believe the XB1 could ever catch the PS4.

dcbronco1259d ago

Griever you don't really know gaming genres. Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Crackdown have guns in them but I wouldn't categorize them as shooters. But on your main topic would you consider that your belief that Xbox One only has shooters and racers is based on that only being what you looked for. I'm pretty sure there are more than ten or so games on Xbox One. Plus naming a bunch of JRPGs is disingenuous when any true gamer knows Japanese studios aren't supporting Xbox One because sales are so low in Japan. That's just smart business.

So I would suggest you go back and watch the Xbox conferences from E3 and Gamescom. You'll see a lot more than racers and shooters. Though I guess technically Cuphead is a shooter.

NemesisTheGod1259d ago

I would agree with you if I knew when Sony's next AAA title was actually coming out, really not trying to hate but I believe people messed this gen by thinking they have to be loyal to Sony & put down MS by not buying their console at the same volume allowing Sony to not focus on steady releases of games but put out remasters because they are confident in the consoles sales.

star_lancer1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )


So, you list only AAA games for Xbox, then you list EVERY game, including indies & unannounced games, for PS4? Talk about desperate. When you have to resort to lying in order to make a point, all it meant is you have no point.

You are seeing only what you want to see, and you are completely disregarding reality in the process. Of course, the equally clueless minions on N4G will agree with you and make you feel better.

Besides, aren't Sony fans the ones bragging about getting exclusive Call of Duty content - the ultimate dudebro shooter?

Griever1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

@STar Lancer and DCbronco

Oh shut up! Instead of calling me out and calling me a liar why dont you guys list some games!? You guys being "pretty sure" that there are other games on Xbox One mean nothing when you cant even name them from top of your head. Nobody is talking about anything else and nobody has heard about them. Tomb raider, uncharted and crackdown are TPS. You twisting the definition of shooter or your opinion means nothing. Whether Japanese studios support xbox or not does not changes the fact that it does not have JRPGs for a JRPG fan. There is nothing on Xbox One besides shooters and racer. It is a FACT! A one or two games from different genres here and there does not matters. Exception does not makes the rule. we are talking about on the average. All of the games I listed have been announced and confirmed. Please educate yourself who thinks they are unannounced or imaginary

XisThatKid1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Safe to say "probably will" yea.
Oh and keep in mind Sony are more inclined to keep allot of games and things secret over the next year or so. They don't need face to save right now like MS does. MS has to be very open about some fan service and show they're serious about this console.
I think X1s future will be solid and even things out a bit but public eye is a b#tch to change. It'll take a while even with there "massive catalog" X1 fans will always underestimate the PS4s catalog they just don't know. And in most cases that goes both ways.

XisThatKid1259d ago

Holy @$#%.
This isn't about if "gamers win" your not better than anyone trying to make others feel bad just because your not participating in the "console war" arguments. There's nothing wrong with rotting for your favorite team ask any one in I dunno....SPORTS!

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Ezz20131259d ago

""Sony Won the Sale war while MS won the Game war""

Someone explain to me how that happened when sony' Ps4 have the highest rated games this gen so far ?!
and most of Sony's 1st/2nd and 3rd party exclusives have yet to come ?!

Gunstar751259d ago


As to whether your list is all considered AAA.... Hmmmm

You seem to list unreleased games in yours whilst conveniently missing out xbox one games in the same category, but of course.... "No agenda"

No bias either I guess?

star_lancer1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I don't need to make any new lists - the ones already provided here CLEARLY show the variety of Xbox One games.

By the way, a JRPG and an MMORPG is still an RPG. Trying to make three separate categories so you can claim more variety is just more deception on your part. Just because it was developed in Japan doesn't mean it gets it's own unique genre. If you believe that JRPG's belong in a separate genre, then why do you put first person shooters and third person shooters in the SAME generic "shooter" category in your first post? Your bias is so obvious.

@Gunstar - You're 100% right. He is constantly trying to move the goalposts.

hades071259d ago

@ Griever.

You cant go listing every single PS4 game and call them AAA and only a few for Xbox just to skew the argument to your side. Some of the games you have listed like Bastion or Rocket League are either on Microsoft platforms or coming out for one. Oh and stating something is FACT doesnt mean its fact, it could very well mean you're wrong.

You left out a lot of games for Xbox such as:

Ashen - RPG
Cobalt - Platformer
Fable Legends - RPG
Inside - Action Adventure
Ori and the Blind Forest - Platformer
Scalebound - Action/RPG
Sea of Thieves - Pirate Multiplayer
Rare Replay - Diverse Rerelease

All Xbox one games, none are shooters or racing games.

The PS4 is outselling the Xbox and probably always will. How about instead of arguing go and play your PS4 and enjoy what you have and I wil ldo the same with my Xbox.

christian hour1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Guys this is just ricidulous. You're all so biased this argument will go in circles forever, I was half expecting someone to come out with "oh well, its QUALITY not QUANTITY" or "its QUANTITY not QUALITY" at some point.

Just chill the fudge and ENJOY the games you have, and appreciate the games you may not get a chance to play.

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SmokingMonkey1260d ago

No, Horizon ZD is definitely not a game on the X1, neither is Uncharted 4. So unless you add IMO to your comment, than you are wrong...IMO.

remixx1161260d ago

Ratchet and clank, the last guardian, persona 5, dragon quest, street fighter.......he better open dem fuqqin eyez

johndoe112111260d ago

You can keep saying it but it won't make it true.

GrubsterBeater1260d ago

Sony took both those titles already. (A few games coming out on the holidays hardly constitutes a victory for MS)

Ocsta1259d ago

Everyone's freaking about about the games MS has coming out this holiday. But what about next year? The year after that? Blowing your load all at once is no way to secure the future of your console.

1259d ago
XanderZane1259d ago

Hhhmm.. Looking into the future, Microsoft has a new exclusive coming out just about every month next year. So there is definitely a LOT more to come. On Topic: I don't think the XB1 will catch the PS4, but I don't think they have to. The PS3 and XBox 360 never caught the Wii and they were both pretty successful last gen. If the XB1 just sells as well or better then the XBox 360, they would be considered a success, no matter what the PS4 does. They do have a diverse library of games.

Dead Rising 3
Sunset Overdrive
Ori and the Blind Forest
Neverwinter Nights
Forza 6
Tomb Raider
Crackdown 3
Quantum Break
Scream Ride
Gears of War 4
RARE Replay
Sea of Thieves
Killer Instinct
Halo Wars 2
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Looks very diverse to me. Both systems will have a ton of games before this generation is over.

memots1259d ago

What game came out in 2015 apart from holiday title on Xbo?

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travestyj1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

The game war? PS4 has the most and highest rated AAA exclusives and indie exclusives. The highest rated exclusives so far is Bloodborne. There are also more games announced for PS4 than any other console. Hell the last AAA exclusive on Xbox One was a broken collection of remastered Halo games. Xbox One is in the gutter when it comes to the "game war"

1259d ago
AngelicIceDiamond1259d ago

"Xbox One is in the gutter when it comes to the "game war"

Now that's a biggest load of BS I ever heard. But its coming from a PlayStation fanboy so its to be expected.

Nice lie.

jcnba281259d ago

"PS4 has the most and highest rated AAA exclusives"

You sony fanboys will believe anything you hear. Wii U has the highest rated exclusives this gen, not PS4.

Do some research next time.

travestyj1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )


It really is. Every other console has more exclusives and more AAA exclusives in general. They also don't make their users wait 9 - 10 months for new AAA exclusives like MS does. How is what I said a lie in any way? The Xbox One literally has over 100 games less than PS4. Only 2 AAA games on Xbox One aren't playable on other platforms and those are Forza 5 and Sunset Overdrive. It really is a pathetic gaming machine when you compare it to everything else.

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Ceaser98573611260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Actually No.. Xbox1 didn't win the game war and also its not safe to say Sony won the console war. Xbox1 did come up with great features and also bringing out great games.. The PS4 is doing fine in the games department but they need to work hard in the feature department and also the PSN sucks compared to the Xbox1.. Both are doing fine but I would love to see how Sony responds to Xbox1 BC and other interesting features.. That being said I am looking forward to buy the Xbox1 now.. Love being a console gamer and not a fanboy..

1259d ago
F0XHOUND1260d ago

Couldn't be any less true! Sony haven't won anything.... Xbox certainly doesn't have better games!

Xbox 360 destroyed it for a good 2-3 years, for whatever reasons and Sony making a mess of things, but PlayStation 3 won last gen.... games and sales!

Click bait today...... come back in 2-3 years and let's discuss facts about who's won with games and sales!

My guess, ofcourse the ps4... but I'm not ruling out Xbox, they're making a lot of good moves lately!

MRMagoo1231260d ago

They arent getting any extra sales out of those great moves though, so its a safe bet to say PS4 will stay ahead unless they do something drastically wrong imo.

IamTylerDurden11260d ago

Sony is winning in games as well friend, look at 2015 thus far, look at the 2 best next gen games - Bloodborne and TLoU Remastered.

Sony also drops gems like Galak-Z, Helldivers, Axiom Verge, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Hotline 2, OllieOllie2, Volume, N++, ROCKET LEAGUE (free).

PS4 has more f2p's like Blacklight, Warthunder, Loadout, DCUO, Planetside 2 ect. It has more coming like Killstrain, Deep Down, Let it Die (Suda51), Killing Floor 2, H1Z1, Drawn 2 Death ect. Fyi, Smite is coming to PS4.

PS4 has such a huge variety of games to cater to virtually everyone while xbone focuses more on American males from 12-23 who like shooters/forza. To each their own.

Kiwi661259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Strange then that the xbox one has games on it other than shooters/forza yet you just do the biased fanboy thing to prove your loyalty plus Smite is also coming to xbox one

Xbonewone320151259d ago

Xbox one is soon to murder the ps4 f2p selection.

Have you seen the windows 10 app store?

Get prepared for a shit storm when its announced on xb1.

BitbyDeath1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Was the game war about not releasing any big exclusives 8 months into the year? They sure have won that. Congrats to all involved.

nowitzki20041259d ago


SonySlave3, You got knocked the fuc* out.

3-4-51260d ago

Yes, because declaring the victor at half time ALWAYS pans out...

Seriously though, they have a great lead, and will probably win overall sales numbers, but the only winner this gen is gamers.

XanderZane1259d ago

It's not even half way through the generation yet. I agree with you. The real winners here are the games who get to play all these great games on all the platforms. I'm still going to get a Wii U in the future. The Wii U may be last in sales, but it doesn't mean there aren't any great games on it to play.

PSIN4MANT1260d ago

Not in the last 8 months it didn't.

pyramidshead1259d ago

Sony have both the sales war and games war on lock since launch.

Really sorry you're this naive.

MasterCornholio1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I disagree that Microsoft won the game war.

And that's because this gen is still early and you didn't give Sony a fair chance. That's right you let Microsoft have all their conferences before judging them but you didn't do the same with Sony.

According to you E3 is the only conference that Sony has this year which is completely false.

Ocsta1259d ago

These people think Sony are asleep at the wheel, and that they're not coming up with sweet counter strategies as we speak. Sad really.

Gunstar751259d ago

It's been at least a week since we had one of these articles! It's getting more than a little tiresome.

0to1001259d ago

shh don't say that on n4g, too many sony lovers will ruin your bubbles lol

but yes best games, software features, online service is best on xbox

but ps4 won that sales through good marketing from the launch... basically remove and abuse where ms went wrong lol

Chaosdreams1259d ago

Both games and online service is subjective to the users preference. I can't comment on the software however.

Picnic1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Microsoft have got some good games but so they should with nearly 15 years of Xbox Live fees and after they cancelled so many late Xbox360 games.

If you name a great Xbox One game, there is a PS4 game that satisfies a similar mechanic or theme- or one due to come out. Not counting Quantum Break but its most recent trailer makes it look like it has recently been inspired by Uncharted 4's colour palette anyway.

The best way that Xbox One can really distinguish itself is either by releasing Virtual Reality games first or by making original Xbox games available to play on Xbox One like Voodoo Vince- or by remaking such a game.

I am no fanboy- Ryse looked gorgeous - but Xbox would have to give Live free for a while before I consider them giving it back to the gamers.

ZeroX98761259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I'd say WE won a lot this gen!
we asked for FF7 remake for years, we're getting it.
Rare with Sea of Thieves looks to be returning to creating new and interesting IPs.

whichever console you chose this gen, there's plenty to game on every platform. No need to envy the others with all the games coming out in 2015-2016.

wellard1259d ago

The Xbox has had a turn around in the last few weeks. I personally have gone from definitely not wanting an Xbox sat next to my ps4 to looking forward to picking one up in the winter. I think we all have to give credit to the hard work the Xbox team have put in to their system lately. I want both now.

LCEvans1259d ago Show
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Tsar4ever011259d ago

Sony won the sales war and MS won the game war. Quote.

Bro, you have absolutely no clue how pathetic you sound.

S2Killinit1259d ago

Except PS4 has more exclusives which are also higher rated. The is literally more than twice the exclusives on PS4.

Ray_moondo1259d ago

Why is everyone in such a rush to declare a "winner"? Lets have this conversation in 4 years

lipton1011259d ago

I'm so sick of these articles, and accompying comments such as the one I'm replying to. You like video games? Great me too. Play them. Both consoles are practically the same in terms of power anyway. Only difference is about 5% or less of each game library..

Captain_TomAN941259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

That's funny because PS4 has FAR more games than Xbox, and they are on average rated higher.

I have never seen another gen with a more black-and-white case of one console being just flat out inferior to its competitor.

DarXyde1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Whoa, I didn't know all of the games for the life of the current consoles were announced already! Guess that's a disappointment all around.

I'll say what I always say, taste in games is completely subjective. Even more, PlayStation 4 runs multiplatform games better in most instances, so you must be talking solely about exclusives...Even then, that's subjective.

I don't like to play the sales game, but numbers don't lie. People do. Xbox One having the best games is a matter of opinion. Sony having the highest sales is a fact.

Have fun.

Clarence1259d ago

Ur crazy. What games are you speaking of?

christian hour1259d ago

Those who do not take note of history, are doomed to release the same articles EVERY gen.

I remember this far in to last gen there was a tonne of articles saying "has microsoft won this gen?" etc etc. Sony had a very rocky start last gen but eventually came out on top (if you ignore the wii :3 ).

And it was the same in gens before it, whoever was hot out of the gates would receive articles like this be it online or in gaming magazines (depending on how far back you want to go).

It's too early to make this call. I'd even call it a pointless call to make. It's jut adding more fuel to a pointless "war" that only benefits journalists and shareholders but pits people who share the SAME hobby against eachother in these primitive poop slinging petty fights.

It's so ridiculous and childish.

GordonKnight1259d ago

The real winner is My gaming experience with all three consoles.

My gaming needs are Nintendo games, Halo, Uncharted, and third party games. The biggest disappointment this Gen is storage space.

christian hour1259d ago

Careful now, that sort of talk will get you murdered by rabid fanboys on all sides trying to mask their own disappointment on not being able to have more than one console :P

Agree about storage space. I upgraded my ps4 HDD to a 4tb a while back i got cheap for 50 quid :) Can the same be done on an xb1? Or is it the same bullcrap "special" overpriced 360 specific hard drives from last gen? Cos I'd def buy another sata hdd when I get my xb1 next year so I have plenty of space out of the gate.

I know one of my idiot friends traded in his ps4 for the new 1tb model and only got 100 quid off the price. Paid 299 for a 500gb upgrade when he couldve given me a fraction of that to give him 8 times the storage space XD Think he also forgot to disable it as his primary console XD

hades071259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

I agree some extra space up front would have been nice haha.

Magicite1259d ago

Halo/Forza/Gears repeat?