How Xbox Live assimilates PC gamers

The Xbox 360 has a long list of key features, but none more so than Xbox Live. Here's a first hand account of how Microsoft's online service converted a hardened PC gamer.

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edhe4829d ago

And the xbox saved my relationship.

Seems strange eh?

I had to give up the 'face the wall in a corner' gaming but in order to not go back to it i got a 360 which both myself and the other half have enjoyed. With the dash-party coming i anticipate nigh-clanning happening again, only this time purely with friends.

Ahh.. the old days...

Charmers4829d ago

Personally my experience was rather different. I purchased a 360 to play GTA 4 and found the experience nothing but total frustration. I found online incredibly annoying not only with the annoying kids playing but the continual disconnections. So I quickly went back to PC gaming and the 360 lies in a corner gathering dust. I guess the moral of this is "one size doesn't necessarily fit all" just because the console fits your style of living doesn't meant it will fit someone else's.

militant074829d ago

well i dont belive you that what sony fans .
XBOXLIVE never disconnected me once !!
well if your making trouble go over there ---> open zone

Charmers4829d ago

How am I causing "trouble", I stated my experience with the 360, I found the experience frustrating, online in GTA 4 is completely unreliable not just for the 360 but also for the PS3. I found the experience unrewarding and I am back to PC gaming. You obviously seem to have a problem understanding "one size doesn't fit all". There isn't a single fanboy sentence in my post yet you seem to take offence at it.

Ureval4829d ago

Hmm, I would say that your experience is untypical, and it seems a bit silly to stop after one bad experience, but, whatever. Ive never had any major issues (except for the post-xmas fiasco) and usually my experience is smooth. You gave up to easily man. It almost sounds like you set yourself up intentionally to be disappointed.

edhe4829d ago

Well, to be honest mate you picked the worst game to try Live on. GTA4 has got to be the biggest MP let down i've ever tried.

Dust off the 360 with a couple of cheap classics like crackdown and try other games that actually have some flow to the online.

NB gta4 online was my most frustrating too.

These days i'd have a 360 just for the arcade alone :o

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RAM MAGNUMS4829d ago (Edited 4829d ago )

it tries to nickel & dime the hardened pc gamer really
because m$ thinks they are stupid into buying
a closed network & limited expensive hardrive.
there's no mouse/keyboard support & you still have
to buy batteries or a expensive charger.
why have a pc when you could pay forever on a xbox360!
also, I don't think avatars are for hardened pc gamers either.

As a matter of fact, instead of selling xbox live let's talk
about it for a second.
What happened to digital distribution?
I own movies & I own siren. Downloaded thru psn on
a 320 gb internal hardrive. I watch my movies on my psp &
siren which is a full next gen game, sits in plenty of room.
how are you gonna do that with the expensive plastic hardrive that cost more than
laptop hardrives?
let's talk about m$ points!
highway robbery, thats not a opinion. Thats a fact!
Some noob might argue its easier for global distribution but really? Why?
ps3 has no problem with it & its regional. Meaning, I have sub accounts in japan &
the u.k.
live just makes sure that extra change for dlc is spent on live even if it means charging
180 m$ points for music videos. You will never find the exact points you need. You have to buy
a bundle of points that mathematically is bad for you but good for them!
I don't even have to tell the hardened pc gamer what it means when you mess with p2p.
Its a gamble to get 10 good minutes on p2p. You might as well
say goodbye to mmo. Its impossible on a xbox.
is there more negatives?
you betcha!
There isn't 1 good reason a pc gamer could have any respect for a xbox360!
unless you want to set yourself back 10 years. As if you needed anymore reason
to hate consoles.


Dzpool4829d ago

But a friend of mine converted from Hardcore Pc gamer to Hardcore 360 gamer. He was addicted to games like Tribes 2 up to games like Battlefield 2142 also Rts games. But once i got him to try Gears and xbox live gaming he had to have one. His power supply failed on his PC gaming Rigg about 1 year ago and he has yet to fix it. Gamebattles with clan setups for cod4,gears, halo and all the other games they support have changed the way he thinks about gaming.

RealityCheck4829d ago

The 360 made me stop PC gaming but it wasn't because of Live per se, it was just because it allows me to play PC games on the big screen in the comfort of my living room.

I started PC gaming, and then later got introduced to consoles starting with PS1 and N64. I was still playing PC games when the Xbox came out. However with the 360 and all it's PC games there just wasn't any point to upgrading the PC once again, instead I used that money on an HDTV!

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