New Hitman Screens Released at Gamescom

Check out these new images from the upcoming stealth title, just released at gamescom 2015

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Digital_Anomaly1217d ago

I hate to admit it but I kinda gave up on the Hitman franchise a while ago. Still, I'm trusting Square to bring this one back to life a la Tomb Raider style. This one looks hella badass as of right now!

TeamLeaptrade1217d ago

From what they're saying, is that they went back to the original formula of classic Hitman Games, and ditched what they did in Absolution. I really have high hopes it's going to be a solid hit. IO Interactive look like they're going to give us what we want.

N0TaB0T1217d ago

They said numerous times over this won't be following Absolution. It will be playing like Blood Money, with maybe one or two miniscule aspects of Absolution and that's it.

generalwinter1217d ago

It does seem to look pretty!

TeamLeaptrade1217d ago

Not much from these screens, but it keeps me interested in this game. It can't come any sooner can it?