9 Most Epic Missions In Gaming History

Explosions, soundtracks, Space Jeeps and terrorists – there is nothing more satisfying than completing an epic mission in a video game.

We’ve all been through a horrible period of doubt, where £50 seems mightily excessive for a game, but challenges like these absolutely make the bang worth the buck.

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gamer11381191d ago

Agree with all except the Mass Effect 3 mission. ME2's titular suicide mission is way better as you make life and death decisions for your squad and watch comrades live and die.

kingofhalo20501191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

The Library was easily one of my most memorable mission from Halo:CE. The giant structures, the flood, and that horrible guilty spark hovering over your head. It was an amazing experience. Although the structures were repetitive, the mission on Legendary was one hell of an experience.

The second memorable mission would be the "Train Wrecked" from Uncharted 2.That whole experience had me at the edge of my seat.

scark921191d ago

I know its awkward calling it a mission but Half-Life 2 Episode 2, when you have to defend the tunnels and the music kicks in! <3

deafdani1191d ago

Weird not to see any Uncharted "missions" on this list.

May this be because technically they can't really be called "missions"? Who cares? The whole train section on Uncharted 2 was stupidly awesome. How's a bank robbery (GTAIV) more of a mission than Nate trying to rescue a lady on a train?


jb2271190d ago

Well they need to change the signifiers in that case to include "chapters" as well because the Uncharted series had more jawdropping moments than probably any other last gen. That train moving through a true environment in real time and syncing up w/ player movement had literally never been done before, and it hasn't been done to that extent since either, which shows how amazing ND are. To not include them on a list like this is borderline criminal!

deafdani1190d ago

Well, if you can argue that Nico Bellic and friends making a bank heist qualifies as a "mission", then Nathan Drake going to rescue Chloe on that train should qualify as such, too. :P

warczar1191d ago

If your going to put a cod mission on the list it should have been "all gillied up".