Mafia III: "We treat the car as a weapon"

GR-UK writes: "Hangar 13 boss Haden Blackman has discussed how the studio's aiming for a Hollywood action movie feel with its driving model for Mafia III, and says how they're treating cars "as a weapon".

"We've really pushed on the driving models," he explained when we talked to him at Gamescom. "to make it feel more like a Hollywood action movie.

"There's a ramming function you can do, shooting out tyres, causing cars to flip. We treat the car as a weapon, so we have this move we call "the torpedo" where you point the car at a bunch of guys and then you bail out of the car and Lincoln pops out ready for combat because he's a trained soldier and the cars go and blow up."

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KiwiViper851165d ago

No shit, a rocket launcher

smolinsk1165d ago

Yea well that will also be the games downfall, the exploding funny silly cars flying around like crazy, such a stupid decision.