UK Retailer Game Reveals Xbox Exclusive Deals After Gamescom

If you live in the UK, get in your Jaguar and drive in the left lane down to your local GAME store - and do hurry!

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SniperControl1165d ago

Not from these people, absolute rip off merchants.

They charge around £55 per game, there trade in prices defy logic, there pre-owned prices are just shy of the original prices.

Trust me when i say, those aren't good deals, your better shopping online or in some supermarkets. I got my Halo MMC X1 package almost almost £40 cheaper from ASDA.

turdburgler10801165d ago

Sounds like gamestop here in the states. I was just in there yesterday and they had a used copy of arkham knight for $56.99 while a new copy cost $59.99.

Digital_Anomaly1165d ago

Gosh, even looking at those 'deals' you realize how much more our friends on the other side of the pond have to pay to game. You poor sods get kinda screwed.

Immorals1165d ago

Yep, we get boned.

Around 9 hours of work on minimum wage to get one game from GAME at launch..

Toiletsteak1165d ago

I don't see how these are deals, they are the normal price.

SaveFerris1165d ago

The Halo 5 Guardians Bundle is very expensive. Has there been another single game official bundle for 400 quid this gen?

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