Nintendo Sends Letter To Wii Users

An email (click link to view email) has been sent from Nintendo to Wii owners warning of the proper way which to use the Wiimote as there have been reports of injuries and breaking TVs worldwide.

While I still believe that this is probably a problem for a vocal minority but I'm glad to see that, like Microsoft, Nintendo is addressing user concerns right away.

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PS360PCROCKS5943d ago

LOL! "Nintendo of America, this is Joe, how can I help you?" "Yea, um I was just using my controller and it flew off my hand and went right through my plasma tv, what do I do" Or lol moms hears a son crying "What happened" "I swung the controller and hit myself in the eye" lol some people in this world, lol how funny

ChickeyCantor5942d ago (Edited 5942d ago )


using LOL to much isnt funny, and saying : how funny is ripping all the fun out of it. NOT FUNNY!!!!!


PS360PCROCKS5942d ago

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