Rise of the Tomb Raider: Watch 13 Minutes of the Gamescom Demo - Looks Absolutely Fantastic

Microsoft and Square Enix just released Gamescom’s demo of the upcoming action adventure Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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mafia_pc1191d ago

Amazing, this game is really impressive, can't wait to play it !

ramiuk11191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

looks great dont it.
graphics really really good,infact watching it again they look outstanding!!!!!!
loved last one except the auto stealth crap.

its gone very very uncharted though and im gutted i have to wait a year,but looking as solid as this im tempted to get xb1 and if quantum becomes a fixed release date early 2016 i think i will take plunge rather than wait.

Gunstar751191d ago

Isn't it Unchartered that's a bit tomb raider? :0)

nbalive891191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )


Quantum Break comes out april,5,2016

Captain_TomAN941191d ago

I could never understand why someone would pay $300 to play an inferior experience sooner. Never get a console for one or even two games, let alone games that will soon come to your console and run better!

4Sh0w1191d ago

Damm fine looking game, wow the gameplay, Lara's animation, the large open areas and the attention to detail in the environment, the lighting, the whole presentation does indeed look fantastic. Great job CD.

miyamoto1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Can't wait for the PS4 version so Nate and Lara can be together in my PS4. So my collection will be complete.
The two are just too sweet together.

-Foxtrot1191d ago


Oh that's funny I don't remember Lara Croft ever taking on wave after wave of enemies

Going through QTE

Ended up going through multiple near death experiences only to escape with her life at the very last second

Get behind cover and pick off her enemies

Have a cinematic story with developed characters like a love interest.

Being an over the top action shooter

I could go on

The only common things they share is they have platformer elements and are both treasure hunters.

However CD aren't taking elements from Uncharted they literally want to be like NaughtyDog.

Erik73571191d ago

Yea Xbox has a really strong line up of first party games for 2015-2016.

Crackdown and Quantum Break got my attention the most.

KiwiViper851191d ago


You literally described both games to a tee.

Is that the point you were trying to make?

Concertoine1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )


She never fought waves of enemies because the older consoles couldn't handle waves of enemies. As the hardware got better... she fought more enemies.

QTE's have a presence in nearly every genre. Did Bayonetta copy Uncharted for having QTE's? No.

I will agree to the near-death set pieces. A lot of games took inspiration in that regard and didn't get flack though. Dead Space 2 for example (came out after Uncharted 2), felt especially set piece focused compared to the more slow paced original.

Cover shooting didn't exist in 1996, dude. And Tomb Raider was also actually even more over the top than uncharted. Have you played those games man? Just flipping around everywhere, dual wielding pistols and killing scores of people.

Let me be just as petty: Look what Uncharted stole!

third person camera angle, puzzle-based areas, adventurous protagonist, platforming, similar locales, etc.

When the first Uncharted was shown off a lot of journalists called it "Dude Raider", since it seemed so similar.

The reality is, Tomb Raider introduced a lot of third person standards that Uncharted borrowed long after they were established. TR 2013 did the same thing with Uncharted. Both series borrowed distinct innovations from each other.

edit: they were both inspired by Indy more than anything though.

-Foxtrot1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )


My point was how Uncharted was nothing like the old Tomb Raider games

However yeah Uncharted and the reboot are similar because CD basically thought what the gaming community needed was a Lara Croft Uncharted game....not an actual Tomb Raider game

Could have made a great new IP out of this game but like other developers they felt the need to use the brand name of an old franchise to sell more copies.


Oh come on, lets not use the "old tec" excuse, it was never about killing wave after wave of enemies.

If that's the case the developers would have had 1 or 2 enemies on the screen and once you had killed them they would have sent out another 2 enemies to take their place. That's what they would have done on old tec if it was about fending off wave after wave of enemies. Soon as you killed one enemy, the body would dissapear and another would come out of nowhere to take his place.

But it wasn't about was about exploring, solving puzzles, shooting the odd hostile enemy in your way while trying to navigate around hazardous obstacles to reach the end.

Hell the majority of the old enemies weren't even human.

"QTE's have a presence in nearly every genre"

I wasn't talking about other genres I was talking about the old games. I don't see where you got other genres from as I never mentioned them.

The old TR games never had QTE

Anyway the point is Uncharted was never trying to be Tomb Raider. It was just trying to be a cinematic like game which drew inspiration from films like Indiana Jones and The Mummy.

"Cover shooting didn't exist in 1996, dude. And Tomb Raider was an over the top, if not more so, action game"

Then why did they not include it when tec had grown...huh. Oh yeah they didn't BECAUSE THAT WASN'T TOMB RAIDER.

Don't keep using "old tec" for an excuse. As soon as it became available they would have used it if that was their true vision for the franchise. They had plenty of chances before Uncharted came out.

"third person camera angle, puzzle-based areas, adventurous protagonist, platforming, similar locales, etc"

""The reality is, Tomb Raider introduced a lot of third person standards that Uncharted borrowed long after they were established. TR 2013 did the same thing with Uncharted"

There's a difference between taking inspiration from a number of key things in a genre and basically trying to copy a successful game instead of turning it into your own thing. The only difference with the reboot of TR is the fact Uncharted is a more linear story base game with chapters while Tomb Raider has open world hubs

Fact is Naughtydog took small things within the genre as a whole and made it their own thing while Tomb Raider just looked at Uncharted, made notes and put them in their game.

Jayszen1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

ROTR is now officially "Uncharted: The Lara Croft Adventure" Or you could take Lara out and put Nathan Drake in and call it "Tomb Raider: The Nathan Drake Adventure". Take yer pick, they are the one and the same (really)!

The granddaddy of both of these fighting children will be Mr. Indiana Jones who himself owes his heritage to Saturday morning serials from the 30s and 40s so really we must thank Golden Age Hollywood which took inspiration from the penny adventure novels of the late nineteenth century.

When the Hind copter turned up, it seemed like a weird throwback to "Uncharted 2". Why do baddies favour Hinds? And wearing padded body armour, when a shot to the head is all she wrote?

Sitdown1191d ago

You probably don't understand why people go to the movie theaters either uhh? instead of just waiting for it to come out on bluray/cable. And did you even read your second sentence, it's a contradiction.

starchild1191d ago

I remember when I said Rise of the Tomb Raider would be one of the best looking games at E3 and lots of people disagreed...but honestly that turned out to be completely true. This game looks extremely good. I'm definitely getting it when it makes its way to PC.

MehmetAlperTR1191d ago

The game looks very good and fantastic but whats it with the Jeusus ( HZ Isa AS ) ?..

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Christopher1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Only thing that worries me is that this is the second area/scene in the game they've shown so far where it looks like they make you "start over" by removing all your normal equipment. I'm not a big fan of doing that multiple times in a game.

Though, the added benefit is that this means one less area like they showed at pre-gamescon where you're throwing bombs, double head shotting with arrows, and whatnot.

Was kinda hoping there'd be a tomb puzzle to solve here. Still could be. Just hard to tell and really what I think a lot of us want to see played out.

Still looking good, though. Still looking good.

Septic1191d ago

Yeah that's a good point although it would be slightly bold to do that. I kind of hate it how you're wielding an assault rifle just before a cutscene but in the cutscene it changes to a pistol etc.

Too many little qte sections for my liking in this though. To enhance the cinematic affect of the game, the game seems to rely on these really restrictive set pieces.

Still, the rest of the game looks solid with open world sections and some decent non linear combat. Lets see how it goes.

Christopher1191d ago

***I kind of hate it how you're wielding an assault rifle just before a cutscene but in the cutscene it changes to a pistol etc. ***

Yeah, weirdest thing sometimes. They want to create an image of a character in the story who relies on the most "basic" of weapons available, yet they give us this hard hitting things otherwise that makes us go "Uh... are you guys playing the same game we are?"

I remember one game doing this properly, but I can't for the life of me recall which game it was. But, it actually had the weapons you were holding in cut scenes show as the actual one you were wielding before the cut scene.

Concertoine1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

It looks like there's a really nice tomb right at the end. I have a feeling those will be the highlight over generic cover shooting.

Is there any word on multiplayer? It was a waste of time on the original, i hope they don't blow resources on it again.

Also, I recall Max Payne 3 having real time weapons in cutscenes. You might be shooting with an AK, and in the cutscene he would be threatening someone with a pistol, but he'd still have the AK in the other hand.

Neat thing though: in Xenoblade they would not only acknowledge what you were wearing and equipped with exactly as it was, they also showed in flashbacks what you were wearing and had equipped at the time they were flashing back to.

FlexLuger1190d ago


"I remember one game doing this properly, but I can't for the life of me recall which game it was. But, it actually had the weapons you were holding in cut scenes show as the actual one you were wielding before the cut scene."

Mass effect did this. I dunno if its the game you are talking about though.

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Sonyslave31191d ago

Can't wait for Kotaku Tomb Raider look rubbish article lol

Abriael1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I'd have to ask what pixel of this actually looks rubbish. Looks fantastic to me.

Now, come on Microsoft, release the Scalebound demo. You know you wanna...

christocolus1191d ago


A new scalebound demo? Is there a demo longer than what IGN released? or are you talkng about an entirely new demo?

also TR looks awesome.

OpieWinston1191d ago

Here's hoping the Scalebound demos keep coming with IGN First.

AngelicIceDiamond1191d ago

I would watch it but I don't want spoilers, even small time ones.

Sonyslave31191d ago

Wow Gamescom is driving PS4 fans mad

KionicWarlord2221191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Someone throw a couple singles at Kotaku...we might be able to get them to change there opinion...

christocolus1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )


Lmao. The butthurt is strong with Kotaku. :D
Each author has been given a financial target to hit before the fall and clickbaiting is the fastest way to go.

d_g1191d ago

any scalebound rubbish article ?


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ScorpiusX1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I just love how they run frame rate test on betas and condemn the game before it even hits retail. Love these fortune tellers. Lol

christocolus1191d ago

This new TR footage looks stunning. Great job CD.

jb2271191d ago

It does look great but it still only seems a half step above what was done w/ the last title aesthetically & graphically. I'd be absolutely fine with that if there is an epic meaty campaign w/ great action & variety though. I'm gonna reserve judgment until I get my hands on it but one thing that bummed me out was the fact that there are so few settings. Was really hoping we'd see the kind of leap that happened between UC1 & UC2 in terms of setting & environmental variety. Makes sense that they want to keep the same tone & play style through the trilogy but for action/adventure type games a wide linear feel w/ environmental variety is just more fun for me personally than a quasi open world lite rpg stealth style title....I'm big on story and I just find the former to be more conducive to a good one from my experiences. Both have their justifications, just down to your tastes I suppose. Hope the game is amazing for all of the fans when they get their hands on it though, definitely look forward to continuing the journey at some point myself.

Trekster_Gamer1191d ago

Can't wait to play this Day one!

lxeasy1191d ago

The only thing rubbish about Kotaku's "Rubbish" article is Kotaku lol

1191d ago
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KionicWarlord2221191d ago

Definitely not gonna miss this game this fall. I know some people feel tombraider is gonna flop on release but the quality of this game definitely can stand on its own two feet.

This game looks astounding by the way.

Cohagen4201191d ago

Low sales do not equate to low quality.

fermcr1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Yep, Rise of the Tomb Raider looks great.

Simco8761191d ago

Don't own an Xbox, so can't really get excited for this one. The advantage is, by the time it releases for other platforms, it's going to be cheap (I hope)