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Tales from the Borderlands – Episode Three: Catch a Ride builds upon the set-up from the previous episodes and delivers a more intense atmosphere and deeper story development. Players who dislike quick-time events may get frustrated at times, but the majority give plenty of reaction time and serve to both hold attention and up the action.

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Fridgecake1217d ago

Hoping this one will be as good as the previous

3-4-51217d ago

Waiting until all are released to play this one.

Never played these games but the Borderlands ones appeal to me the most.

TRASHBOAT___1217d ago

why 8.9 ? just give it a 9.0 then

GamerGabs1217d ago

Was very close to giving it a 9.0 but the game doesn't quite deserve it. This is mainly due to the amount of quick-time events, which is a mechanic a lot of gamers don't like.

DragonDDark1217d ago

That's a pretty dumb reason if you ask me.

TRASHBOAT___1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I'm not a fan of quick time events on a lot of games but I don't mind them on games like Heavy Rain or the telltale games . I think they are a crucial mechanic on a game like that because the game becomes a movie if they are not there.

MrsNesbitt1217d ago

Enjoying your reviews on these :)