Can Dark Souls III be the best in the series yet?

Ed at GameSpew writes: "Dark Souls holds a special place in my heart. The universe and lore, coupled with that infamously punishing gameplay, offer an experience like no other. Unfortunately its sequel Dark Souls The announcement of Dark Souls III filled me with much excitement, but has also made me rather nervous: will FromSoftware deliver a game that’s back on form, or will it fall victim to the same pitfalls as Dark Souls II?

Seeing the gameplay trailer at gamescom 2015 left me reeling. Microsoft’s conference was streaming away to itself in the other room whilst my friend and I had stepped into the kitchen for a well-deserved coffee break. I’d just raised my mug to my mouth as the unmistakeable orchestral music weaved its way into the room. The brooding vocals created an epic and unsettling crescendo, and I caught my friend’s eye. We held each other’s glance for a few moments with an intense stare. We both knew. We dashed into the lounge and stood in respectful silence as the trailer played out. The silence continued long after the trailer had finished as we both registered what we had just witnessed. I raised the mug to my mouth and finally sipped what remained of my coffee, preparing to be hit with its lusciously warm embrace. It was stone cold; perhaps the darkness had devoured my coffee too."

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Eogahn1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Haven't played the game so I can't really judge but from what I've seen it looks like From Software gathered the best elements from the previous installments and some of Bloodborne's spirit into this game.

So even if it won't be revolutionnary, it has all the potential to be the best of the series, indeed.

I can't wait to see more. The gameplay demo looked fantastic.