New locations revealed for Final Fantasy XV

Dealspwn: With Final Fantasy XV finally committing to a 2016 release, it's time for the hype train to step things up a gear. We've just had an info drop from Square Enix about some new locations that we'll explore with Noctis and the gang.

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TheImprobableMulk1166d ago

Still have yet to play the demo. The visuals look fantastic and the new locations looks great. but I'm yet to be convinced of the gameplay from what I've seen so far. Or the story, for that matter.

bggriffiths1166d ago

I think the combat's surprisingly fluid, although the demo doesn't give a good idea of how much depth we'll have to play with or spellcasting etc.

And while it's quite fun, I think if it was the same combat in an 'action game' we'd say it was a bit rubbish. Better than XII from what I remember though.

Who knows what's going on with the story, I think it's daft that they've made it a bit of a dude bro sausage fest, usually you can count on FF for a diverse party. I'm sure I heard you can get temporary different party members at some point though.

LightofDarkness1166d ago

I agree with the dudebro "Entourage" story, I can imagine it will incite a disproportionate amount of groan for one game. I think they may have soiled the good work started by Nomura with his darker, more tragic story.

Greyfoxdbz1166d ago

oh noooooo. There are four male characters in a single game. however will we manage. let's just ignore the fact that they are all good friends and it makes sense and just mourn the fact that there is one less vagina and two less tiddies in the game. Lets ignore the fact that the content of a character is more important that the stuff between your legs.

LightofDarkness1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Very immature response. It's only you that is attaching some weird sexuality into the equation. There are far less vulgar means of getting your non-point across. It's also quite telling of how you view women and their place in the world (i.e. potential romantic options only).

The issue isn't with the lack of female party members, it is the focus of the story on them all being total bros on a road trip. It just doesn't appeal to me, nor many other gamers. It's also not a very FF story, for a mainline game.

The reasoning behind it is also quite suspect and immature:

"Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players. Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behavior, so that they’ll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way."


"The world might be ready to see the curtain lifted on what boys do when girls aren’t around, when they come out of the tent all prim and proper. That’s kind of the idea behind it… we think, male or female player, that everyone will feel a certain connection and bond with the four characters."

I'm not a teenager who doesn't know how to be himself around women, nor are likely the majority of big FF fans (we've been around a while). I don't relate with men who feel they need to be boastful "alphas" around the opposite sex and eachother. And the world has been waiting for yet another videogame about "just the guys?" Sure, if one wasn't released every bloody week...

Greyfoxdbz1166d ago

@ lightofdarkness
"Lets ignore the fact that the content of a character is more important that the stuff between your legs." I literally said this and you think i have a problem with women?
Also the reasoning behind it is not immature as you put it, the guy actually knows what he is talking about. Men modify their behaviour when a female is in the group. this is science. Is science immature? I'm not opposed to having a female in the group, some of my favourite ff characters are female, I'm just not gonna complain about whether a game has women or not when we don't even know if we like the characters we've been given. Seems kind of pointless to complain about something like this.
I'll play FF15 with an open mind, and you will probably either not pick it up or get all cringed out when they do some shit you don't agree with because you're "not a teenager who doesn't know how to be himself around women" or whatever.

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LightofDarkness1166d ago

The visuals in Duscae look "OK", really. I can tell what they're trying to achieve, and all things going according to plan it will look amazing, but at the moment it's quite unoptimized. Distance detail is almost non-existent, everything is surrounded by shimmering aliasing (most noticeable with the character hair) and it all has that fuzzy low-res look. More to that, the framerate is pretty bad. I sincerely hope they manage to get it up to the standard of the recent trailers and the tech demos they showed earlier (likely on PCs), but I will wait with bated breath.

chrisx1166d ago

Never been this hyped for a FF in a very long time

trywizardo1166d ago

can I still get the demo on PSN ?!

bggriffiths1166d ago

Sadly, the only way so far is to buy a copy of Final Fantasy Type 0 HD for PS4/XO that has it included.

trywizardo1166d ago

dammit , is there any hope for a stand alone demo ?!

NoctisPendragon1166d ago


They confirmed a public tech demo is comming , you can't figth but you can see how the game looks and controle the map ( like a dev) .

Eiyuuou1166d ago

I really like the look of that town and road near the river. It's beautiful!