Steamboy, Portable Steam Console, Resurfaces As SMACH Zero In Gamescom

Fans still don't know to believe if it's real, but this can do very well with the niche that already pays through the roof for PC games.

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N0TaB0T1167d ago

Truly a niche product, but I hope it does well in a world where the portable gaming market seems to appeal to the P2W aspect more than whole games.

DragoonsScaleLegends1167d ago

It looks horrible, definitely a flop if they were expecting a lot of sales.

irishyort1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


If it plays big ticket games on the road I'd consider it if it was more reasonably priced. Fallout, Skyrim, Withcher or the bigger games would need to run and a full set of buttons would be good.

However if it only plays the host of indie titles like your Meat Boys or Binding of Issac and mobile games like angry birds etc, I'll stick with the mobile phone, Vita or 3ds thanks.

gprime1166d ago

The device will be running SteamOS, so it will probably have a limited selection of games, and I don't believe that Fallout, Skyrim or the Witcher will be compatible.