The Destruction, Diversity and Lasting Appeal of Rainbow Six Siege

Animation director Scott Mitchell talks environmental damage, map types, spectator cam and more.

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Neixus1168d ago

When lasting appeal is in the question, it basically means the game will be boring after a month.

Rimeskeem1168d ago

well, it only needs to last 3-4 weeks until Battlefront and Fallout 4

TLG19911168d ago

Its been a very long time since i have been into any online multiplayer game, i used to absolutely love the old rainbows, they where my go to games. im hoping this recaptures that old day magic and gets me back into online gaming.

I am not holding my breath though.

Neixus1168d ago

I liked the old Rainbow games, but this one just looks like a weird version of CS. And in that case, i might aswell just stick with Csgo.

jmc88881168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )


Dude, it's nothing like CS:GO


I guess you didn't play the Alpha.

The mode in the Alpha was either protecting someone or trying to get that someone.

You were holed up in some part of a house (on 1 level) or a jumbo jet (on the other level).

You had your various loadouts with gadgets and stuff, and you placed barricades up. There's actually two levels of barricades, one tougher then the other.

You also have stuff like a big metal thing you can put in front of you.

You had a C4 pack, or on the flip side as attackers, breaching charges.

Sometimes you could find an way from above, or through a window, and of course you could go down the rope upside down like in previous Rainbow six games.

If you want to stick with CS:GO, then go ahead, but you'll be missing a completely different game.

3-4-51168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

* The Counter Strike crowd should like it a bit.

It will have it's own little niche fan base that keeps it going for a few least IMO.

It's different enough from COD,Battlefront, Halo and whatever else that it can stand on it's own.

* I like that the FPS games releasing this year all have something different going for them.

Last gen they were all too similar.

* I won't have time to play this though with PES, Halo, Battlefront, like 5 other games + backlog of 30+ games.

Still looks fun though.

dcbronco1168d ago

That CSGO crowd seems to be enough to keep a game going.

BlackPanther1168d ago

I would normally pick this game up but there are too many really good multiplayer games coming this holiday. From Halo 5, Call of Duty, and Star Wars no way I'd have the time to play this game.

Also you need really competent friends to play this game at all times likely or it isn't as fun.

jmc88881168d ago

You're right there are a ton of good games, but why miss a new and different experience when you can basically get the same experience by playing last year's CoD? Or Titanfall?

It's not like you can't find matches in CoD games from years ago.

Then if you need to, buy CoD for $30 bucks next year. But whatever, you know yourself best.

Also don't forget about MGSV:TPP

I played the Alpha and it was fun without a mic, and people generally knew what was going on.

Rainbow Six games have been around a while, people know the basic format. I.E. Don't run and gun, but plot and scheme and stick together.

One thing I really loved about this game was you could make your own murder holes. Shoot just enough of the wall away and you had an opening to peek out of an ambush the attacking team trying to invade your spot.

The Alpha was great, can't wait for the beta and then the release.

BlackPanther1168d ago

Sounds like a game you are really into and one of your top choices but there is too many good games for me to get it.

Halo 5 will be my main multiplayer game this holiday.

camel_toad1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Ive got 'yur back on this. I also played the alpha and loved it. What you say is true about not having to play with communicating friends. I was extremely surprised how everyone just got it no matter what random people I played with. Without having to say anything teammates would set their breach charges off as soon as they heard yours and everyone would follow in.

I had a lot of fun with it and its a definite buy for me.