Nintendo Needs To Do More M&A

IDT: ''Everybody likes to harp on Nintendo for not having enough third-party support, and not having powerful enough consoles compared to its competitors. Both of these are real and serious issues. The third-party issue in particular has held the company back. But I think the company’s biggest issue isn’t its lack of third-party developers. No: Nintendo’s problem is the lack of first party developers (or, colloquially, second party developers).''

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FallenAngel19841193d ago

Well many of Nintendo's internal teams handle different projects at a time. But it wouldn't hurt to make a big acquisition that rocks the industry or at the very least give them some notoriety.

Imagine if Nintendo had purchased Atlus or SNK PlayMore when they were up for grabs. Or better yet purchase a western developer to increase its console's western appeal.

MrSwankSinatra1192d ago

Not acquiring RARE when they had the chance really hurt Nintendo in the long run.