Top 10 Hardest Video Games You’ve Actually Played

The hardest video games ever made might be tough to pinpoint but these 10 games sure have reason to be listed. As gaming has progressed it is widely known that a lot of games have gotten easier. There have been small games that hardly anyone plays that have posed to be more than a challenge. The games added to this list are ones that most hardcore gamers can say they have heard of. This list demonstrates the top 10 hardest video games in existence that you may have actually played.

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DirtyPete1168d ago

Dark Souls is a given, I personally don't believe its as hard as everyone thinks it is but oh well. Its a challenge but enough to place as one of the hardest compared to most all classic arcades is a bit crazy.

_-EDMIX-_1168d ago

Loved Dark Souls, it was hard, but not as hard as Demon Souls, hard enough to have me keep returning though.

Might as well just say the Souls series and Bloodborne.

bouzebbal1168d ago

Batman and Robin on Genesis

...enough said.

Angeljuice1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Dark Souls doesn't come into it (although it admittedly is extremely difficult by today's standards). The hardest games ever were ALL in the C64/ZX Spectrum days.

I know most of you don't go back that far but it is the truth.

_-EDMIX-_1168d ago

Demon Souls (One of the hardest game's I've ever played)

Rayman for PS1


Shinobi 2002 PS2

SMB2 Lost Worlds

Duck Tales

Mega Man 4 (hard as hell, loved the music though)

Can't really think of any more, too depressed. Those games beat the crap out of me and its time I don't really want to recall lol.

Good times though. (sobs)

scark921168d ago

Rayman is pretty hard! >:(

MSF891168d ago

Bloodborne is one of the hardest game ever

SolidGear31168d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall was the last game I played that I couldn't finish due to difficulty, even on casual setting. I feel ashamed because the first 3 games were a blast to me and I was having a blast with this until I couldn't even complete it.

RJ920091168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Souls games are a walk in the park for me I love them. now contra is a hard game... also ninja gadin I think that's how it's spelled now that's a hard game right there I thought I would never beat it took so long and a new tv lol

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