The Taken Legendaries: How it Could Have Been Done Better

After over 2,000 hours, DOA hed of the DRM Gamecast has some issues with how Bungie is handling The Taken King expansion. In this week's opinion piece, he gives a brief history of how Legendary weapons were previously handled and a few alternative ways that would please fans and developers alike.

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admiralvic1218d ago

Seriously, why does the Destiny community want to make EVERYTHING they dislike an issue? This is how vertical progression works and it's not like making stuff useless as the game progresses is that much of a problem. But anyway, I don't want to argue this, so I'll just argue the points.

Etheric light?

The issue with requiring more etheric light is that it will create more of a hardcore divide unless they cheapen the difficulty of getting it. Right now you can get up to 15 a week (not counting RNG), yet a LOT of people seem to have trouble simply beating the 34 at level 33 or getting them in bulk. Even now I see countless posts asking if they should ascend something or advice in doing such and such. So at most you give casual people, who're most likely the complainers, a system that does what they want, but in a way that exceeds their resources or interest.


Part of the problem, which I believe is why you can't ascend anything, is the fact they made vanilla gear pretty awesome. You look at the guns people use and it's almost entirely vanilla gear. Like how many guns from HoW are actually used? Maybe some of the adept weapons to make up for a missing element (solar hand cannon, void scout, etc), the PoE sniper, QW sniper, Tomorrow's Answer (it's just a rocket with the "perfect" PVP roll), The Messenger, Hopscotch Pilgrim, and thats about it. So even if we could ascend HoW gear, I don't think many people would be terribly excited for that news.


One thing I personally dislike about the outrage is that so many people are stuck in their mindset. Did anyone ever consider of fathom that someone might dislike the HoW system? I for one did, simply because it made HoW STUPIDLY short.

In the span of UP TO 12 hours (give or take) I was able to beat the story, complete PoE 28, 32, 34 and even kill Skolas.

Maybe its just me, but I would have liked to have more reasons to come back. Yeah, I know I could go Flawless ( Did that in a few hours too... and return four more times to defeat the various PoE bosses, but outside of these minor things all I had to do was grind for more gear for the sake of doing it or throw in the towel. At least with guns getting replaced there will be a NEED to upgrade gear, obtain new loot and continue playing the game outside of enjoyment.

admiralvic1217d ago

I get it, but I question whether or not you get it...

"Who is going to play the VOG, Crota, POE, or Trials now since the weapons found in this end game content will immediately be under powered when TKK comes out."

First off, take Trials off that list, since there is a good chance, especially given what Bungie has said that Trials will receive new or updated gear like Iron Banner saw.

From there, people are overlooking all the OTHER reasons to do VoG, CE and to a lesser extent PoE. VoG/CE both give plenty of materials that can be traded for motes, which unless the game changes, can at least be used to buy an exotic engram. These missions also have unique items, such as the Vex, Necrochasm, two special class items, four total dropships, two total sparrows, three total shaders, an emblem, and were a very common place to farm exotics.

PoE offers multiple unique bosses, an easy source of coins/motes (which unless the game changes will still be valuable), a dropship, shader, emblem, class item, judgement reputation so you can buy more ships, shaders and class items, three exclusive exotic weapons tied to a bounty, a guaranteed legendary from the big chest and a decent shot at yet another exotic.

So, you lose some of the weapon grinding aspects, but there are still plenty of cosmetic and side reasons to do it. Maybe you don't consider all the stuff I mentioned above interesting, but there are still reasons besides going "MUST OBTAIN FATEBRINGER!!!"

"But, hey lets all get in line to slap that 40 spot down, so we can have less meaningful end game content then before purchasing said expansion. It doesn't take a genious to see thats a stupid move."

I get that you're just salty about things, but heres my question for you. How is it an intelligent move to either force me to redo content I've done a bunch of times for new gear or allow me to skip new content by allowing me to upgrade my current gear? No matter what you do, someone will be unhappy, but things like the Vex, Necrochasm and exotic chance will keep the raids relevant, just like they did before.

cell9891218d ago

Etheric light is not so difficult to aquire. Do level 32, aquire full armor from Varix and then do 34 with a level 34 character. The hardest level 34 boss is Quadron and it's not that bad, it has one single mechanic.

I'm discouraged from new weapons because House of Wolves weapons suck. Nothing there replaced my fatebringer, VOC, or fang. So looking forward to new legendaries does not bring a strong point

admiralvic1217d ago

I believe your etheric light is not difficult to acquire comment is directed at me, but I think you misunderstood what I meant. What I meant was EL is difficult to obtain like motes of light or strange coins were harder to come by in the past. It was also largely directed at the authors suggestions. Most notably this one.

"This would go up further as more DLC comes out, so when Vex Void arrives (or whatever it ends up being called) TTK stuff would then be one Etheric Light and the HoW gear would go to 5, TDB to 10, and original Destiny to 15. You would then probably cap things at around 25."

So even if it was as much as three to level one weapon, how long do you think it would take a casual person to upgrade their guns next to a hardcore person? Heck, I'm currently sitting on 40+ light, so even if they asked for four a level I could upgrade 10 guns and be set the MOMENT the DLC launched. How many casual people do you think could do this? Do you think it would be hard to find matches when some people already have multiple maxed guns and you got nothing? And going back to my original question, how long would it take a casual player to get to the point where they have all their guns maxed?

These were the issues I was getting at, so I was saying that unless they make light more abundant like motes/coins it will just give casual people more to grind for and give the hardcore community less to do (because they've probably already done it).

cell9891216d ago

I see your point and I also see etheric light becoming more abundant. I mean poe 35 will be cake when ttk comes out. At level 36 and up most players will be able to pass it

admiralvic1215d ago

"I mean poe 35 will be cake when ttk comes out. At level 36 and up most players will be able to pass it"

Hard to say. Similar to how we're 4 levels above Atheon and people still fail to him, I imagine Skolas will be saved by his mechanics. The fight will be easier, yes, but what causes a wipe are the mines or poison. I imagine this will remain true and while people might do it once or twice, I don't expect people to do it in bulk.

cell9891215d ago

Good point but remember people can kill Atheon on one time vengeance, and Crota with two swords. Same way, once the chains are Broken people can just blast away at Skolas before mines even start. Right now you can kill him after the first set of mines are deactivated.

DevilishSix1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

This seriously can't be the same team that made the Halo games. Those guys must have gone elsewhere, because this is the most bonehead move I Have EVER Seen. They are nuking all their current game content and rewards. Who is going to play the VOG, Crota, POE, or Trials now since the weapons found in this end game content will immediately be under powered when TKK comes out. So basicly the only content worth playing will be TKK content. LOL way to chop your knees off.

thekhurg1217d ago

I'm assuming you're new to the MMO-style genre? When new tiers of content are released, it renders previous content moot from a power standpoint.

These weapons will still be useful in crucible though.

DevilishSix1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

That's all well and good if the game can afford to cut such content. One of Destinys bigggest problems and why the majority of the community left was lack of content. Now with this expansion they are rendering the prior end game content obsolete and that includes $40 worth of previous DLC. PVE players will be left with one raid and a few strikes to gain top tier weapons.

But, hey lets all get in line to slap that 40 spot down, so we can have less meaningful end game content then before purchasing said expansion. It doesn't take a genious to see thats a stupid move.

cell9891216d ago

When vog weapons were left behind at 300 after the dark below released, a lot of people were still using fatebringer and found verdict