10 Xbox games that should be made into movies

Steve C. writes - 'A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a feature on 10 movies that should be made into (decent) games. It’s now time for the return fixture, 10 games that should be made into (decent) movies.'

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FallenAngel19841169d ago

Most of the time, movies based on videogames might sound great on paper but tend to have poor execution.

We've had more great videogames based on movies than movies based on videogames.

Godmars2901169d ago

Largely because directors and producers have no connection or respect for the source material. Would just as soon use an IP's name, and only its name.

suckingeggs1169d ago

Project Gotham racing

Before We see fast and furious 27 which wouldn't surprise me...

NukaCola1169d ago

Why should Halo 5 be made into a movie we haven't even played it yet?

I wish someone would pick up Fallout as a TV show. I watch Fallout Nuka Break on YouTube and that is some of the best fan fiction Ive ever seen.

phoenixwake1168d ago

There's a typo in the headline: someone accidentally put a "1" before the "0". Proofreaders these days... /s