Life is Strange: Episode 4: Dark Room Review / Popzara

Written by Josh Boykin:

I’m afraid of impending the last episode of Life is Strange because I love the series, but don’t want to be disappointed by the ending. Echoes of Mass Effect 3 and its controversial “what’s your favorite color?” capper ring in my head as I think about the attachment I’ve grown to feel for Max, Chloe, Warren, and the rest of the cast of Life is Strange, Square-Enix’s five-part series, and on full display in its penultimate episode Dark Room. Yes, I want to believe the ultimate episode will deliver. Yes, I want it to come out tomorrow. Yes, I think you should play all the episodes of Life is Strange.

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pasta_spice1165d ago

This series has been great so far but I'm nervous about how they're going to wrap up the story in only 1 more episode.