Portable Steam Machine Smach Zero Price, Pre-Sales Announced

The first hand-held Steam console gets new pricing and pre-order info at this year's gamescom

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MRBIGCAT1167d ago

is anyone really interested in this?

GrapesOfRaf1167d ago

I am, but only because I want to see what kind of competition the shield has. $300 is too much though.

MacrosTheBlack1167d ago

depends on what it will ultimately be able to play, battery life, etc.

BellePelouse1167d ago

If what Microsoft says about windows 10 is true we should be able to run steam on the next Windows phone.

I don't think people want a portable game system this big, especially when you already paid 800$ for mobile hardware for a phone

MacrosTheBlack1167d ago

If it can play games like Skyrim and I don't have to use shitty touch controls, I'm all in. We'll see though. Definitely interested in the concept.

ONESHOTV21167d ago

yeah i'm sony failed me with the vita so i need some thing else to use on the train to work

Mystogan1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Is this really running steamOS or is it running windows underneath?

If it's running windows underneath then, great. I might have to get one. Wish the screen was a little bigger though. 5.5 inches would have been better I think.

If it's running steamOS. Then yeah.. Noh thanks.

Why hasn't Razer ever released it's damn Switchblade. Now THAT was cool

generalwinter1167d ago

It does look cool but yeah, the price might make it a tough choice

Paulhammer1167d ago

Hmmmmmm little hand held or giant TV. Giant TV.

trickman8881167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

Yes. Because the concept of playing games on the go doesn't exist, or is stupid. How dare people also play games on their PS Vita or 3DS. they need to play their console games in their room!


Xbonewone320151167d ago

The last time i checked...people don't actually play on the vita...

sinspirit1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

This is slightly appropriate but your comment history is still questioned. It's a good handheld. Unfortunately Sony made poor efforts for exclusives and should of at the very least released remastered PlayStation classics on it and made appropriate ports for PS3 titles. It should have native PS1 and PS2 support. Can't even download PS1 games from the console itself. You could at launch but they make you connect it to the console to do this now.


You have dozens of anti-Sony and pro-MS comments.
I'm going to list quotes of you.

-"For all us true gamers, we love games, we love that consoles compete against each other to produce better products for us all."

-"Xb1 is destroying the competition for game quality."
"There arent too many ps3 games worth playing that arent already remastered on the ps4. Xbox 360 on the other hand has tonnes of games worth playing."
-"I've only ever seen Phil Spencer speak the truth. He is the public face of MS. The people that speak the most BS are fanboys on websites like this who "speak for a company" with their own misguided interpretations."
-"You know this is going to work absolutely fantastic with MS software engineers involved."
-"MS magicians "

-"I suppose you prefer the laggy streaming ps4 option as opposed to the silky smooth native xb1 option."
-"Up until now it's been even. Sony has had some stinkers though like the order."
-"Christ almighty, psplus is lightyears behind live"
-"Non gamers (aka Sony fanboys) who will attempt to downplay MS sales achievements."
-"Games like this are why i bought an xb1.
I personally preferred the last tomb raider to the uncharted series. Personal taste though."
-"Bad servers.
The ps4 has only sold 20m units.
If a game can't handle 20m players, it is bad servers.
Nothing else. Imagine when the ps4 has 100m units sold and only 10% of players can log on....."
-"But i would prefer the PS4 to be dropping better, newer exclusives to consider it a true worthwhile buy."

-"Not bad, the exclusives need to be proper exclusives instead of remasters and they need to be great quality, not like the order for this to be a truly great deal."
-"The bigger a game is, the less appeal it has to me now."
-"Driveclub and the order arent decent. The last of us isn't a ps4 exclusive. "
-"The "same" games would be something like the last of us. Its the same game on ps3 as ps4."

Keep harping on about Titanfall, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Tomb Raider, Fable Legends, and multiplatform games while pointing out multiplatform PS4 games. The real truth here is that you only mention Bloodborne as being a good game before as you do with Uncharted ONLY because you need to have some sort of positive distraction for your negative bias and these two games are so well made that you avoid insulting to avoid exposure. You hate The Order, you hate games with too much length, you seem hot to debate repetitive and complaining about games being too long, while insulting one that fits what you seem to want in a game, The Order, and hyping repetitive multiplatform Titanfall over a year after release. Your history is filled negative Sony this, positive Microsoft that, and you use Uncharted and Bloodborne as excuses to act as if everything else you say isn't part of a XBox crusade. Big or small. It is one. Stop making rehearsed shout outs to console competition and to those that play games on all platforms.

Shineon1167d ago

Can I trade my vita for it?

B1uBurneR1167d ago

I'm interested if I can put Windows 10 OS on it

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